#SexySnippets – a whiff of Rich Promise

snippetsWelcome to this week’s Sexy Snippets, courtesy of The Nuthouse Scribblers. Each Sunday erotic authors brings you a tiny slice of a published book or a work in progress. Today I am sharing a little sliver of Rich Promise, the final book in my trilogy, A Richness of Swallows. The book went on general release on 31 October.

In this excerpt, Dan is administering an erotic spanking…

“Did I tell you to move?”

“No, Sir. I apologise.” This is no time to go inviting further attention. I’m seriously nervous now, uncertain of what I should be doing. Or saying. There’s something, I’m sure of it. I whimper as his palm connects again with my smarting bum. This time it isn’t a spank, though, it’s a gentle caress. Despite my nerves, it feels heavenly.


All three books in the series are available from the usual places – Amazon.co.uk  Amazon.com  Totally Bound  Barnes and Noble  All Romance

richtapestry_thumbnailRich Tapestry

Rich Pickings

Rich Promise

A Richness of Swallows

richpickings_thumbnailAn act of random kindness can set off an intriguing chain of events. Summer Jones’ offer to help a vulnerable teenager lays the foundations for a friendship which will put her on a collision course with the one man she most fears and had hoped never to encounter again.

In just one night Daniel Riche introduced her to a brand of pain which left her yearning for more, if she could but overcome the legacy of fear from her chaotic childhood.

richpromise_thumbnailA Richness of Swallows charts the turbulent relationship of Summer and Dan, from their explosive first encounter in Cumbria to the wild moors of West Yorkshire.

Can Dan win Summer’s trust, and accept her as she is, or will the shadows of her past haunt her forever?

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