“A Perfect Dom” – FIVE Stars for Rich Promise

Rich Promise has picked up FIVE STARS on Amazon 
richpromise_800“Another great instalment in The Richness of Swallows series. I couldn’t put it down, as I find this group of characters very interesting and dynamic.
In Rich Promise we follow Summer into some of her past and present family issues. What I find so refreshing in this book is the way Dan helps with Summer’s dilemmas. In some BDSM books it is hard for the author to convey the separation of real life and play time. Sometimes there really isn’t one, but you want to see the Dom be sensitive and attentive to what’s going on in his Sub’s life. Dan has it all. He is my perfect Dom and I found myself quite jealous of Summer Jones  When Summer needs help dealing, Dan steps up and really proves himself. He is teaching her of forgiveness and family values. I loved to see he was accepting of her past, and of her brother Connor. What more could you want from a Dom?
The scenes were even better, if you can imagine. All I can say is pass the peppermint oil…NOW!! Ashe Barker really knows how to right a scene. They tend to be longer but not drawn out or redundant. I experience something new and exciting in each one. The writing flows brilliantly. A perfect combination of erotica and a true loving relationship between two amazing characters. I really look forward to more from Mrs. Barker. She can really create some amazing characters!!!”
All three books in A Richness of Swallows series can be picked up from Amazon.co.uk  Amazon.com  Totally Bound  Barnes and Noble  All Romance 
Here’s the blurb…
An act of random kindness can set off an intriguing chain of events. Summer Jones’ offer to help a vulnerable teenager lays the foundations for a friendship which will put her on a collision course with the one man she most fears and had hoped never to encounter again.

In just one night Daniel Riche introduced her to a brand of pain which left her yearning for more, if she could but overcome the legacy of fear from her chaotic childhood.

A Richness of Swallows charts the turbulent relationship of Summer and Dan, from their explosive first encounter in Cumbria to the wild moors of West Yorkshire.

Can Dan win Summer’s trust, and accept her as she is, or will the shadows of her past haunt her forever?

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