“… pass the peppermint oil…NOW!!

A Richness of Swallows banner

A richness of Swallows has been picking up a lot of four and five star reviews. It really makes my day when readers like a story. Dan the sexy vet seems to be especially popular. Here are a few of the things readers said about him…

richtapestry_thumbnail“Hello Dan! *Purrs* Sexy Dom, veterinarian and he’s whose brother?! How did I miss that from before?! The connection between them is more than mouthwatering yummy.”

“I was completely drawn to Dan. He was mysterious and controlling – just with the power of his voice. And he knew what Summer wanted (even when she didn’t)”

richpickings_thumbnail“Dan is an experienced Dom, that will make you seriously hunger for more of him. He’s confident and extremely sexy. And, Oh My! The sex scenes were so Hot!”

“Wow, Dan is HOT!!! I need my own veterinarian Dom! Dan and Summer together are simply combustible.”

Want to get up close and personal with Dan yourself? All three books are on Amazon



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