“… pass the peppermint oil NOW”

A Richness of Swallows bannerA Richness of Swallows has been picking up a lot of four and five star reviews. It really makes my day when readers like a story. Dan the sexy vet seems to be especially popular. Here are a few of the things readers said about him…

richtapestry_thumbnail“I was completely drawn to Dan. He was mysterious and controlling – just with the power of his voice. And he knew what Summer wanted (even when she didn’t)”

“Dan is an experienced Dom, that will make you seriously hunger for more of him. He’s confident and extremely sexy. And, Oh My! The sex scenes were so Hot!”

richpickings_thumbnail“Wow, Dan is HOT!!! I need my own veterinarian Dom! Dan and Summer together are simply combustible.”

Want to get up close and personal with Dan yourself? All three books are on Amazon



Just to get us all in the mood, here’s a hot excerpt from book 3, Rich Promise, featuring that peppermint oil.

richpromise_800“I have a little treat for you.”

He pulls his fingers from my body and reaches across me to take the small glass bottle from beside the bed. “Just a little at first, I think, around your pretty lips. I’m a nice guy, and this is your first time, so I’ll give you a few minutes to get used to how it feels before I spread it on your clit too. Now, that will make you squeal.”

The sound of the oil splashing inside the bottle tells me it’s almost time. The faint click as he drops the cap onto the bedside table tells me it’s now.

Dan shifts his body so he’s facing my bum, and slips his right arm around my waist. He holds the bottle in his left hand, and I hear the liquid slop about again as he turns it upside down. This time I assume he’s using his finger as the stopper. He uses the fingers of his right hand to part my pussy lips, and smears the oil along them. It’s both hot and cold at the same time, a curious sensation of intense heat that warms but doesn’t burn—not quite—spreading quickly as Dan works the oil into my delicate skin. He pauses, I hear the sloshing of the liquid again and concentrate on not moving as he applies more of it to my pussy lips.

He places the bottle back on the bedside table and seems to be satisfied for now. My pussy feels to be on fire, the sensation not quite painful but still intense and uncomfortable. I can’t suppress a small whimper as the oil seeps into my tender, sensitive tissues.

“You’ll soon get used to it. How does this feel?” Dan draws his fingers along my throbbing cunt, the touch somehow exquisite and tormenting at the same time.

I want him to rub me, hard, even though I know that might hurt. Will hurt.

He knows exactly what’s happening for me. He increases the pressure of his fingers just a little, and I squeal. “Oh, God, Sir. That feels…”

“Tell me what it feels like, Summer. Find a word.”

“It feels hot. Really hot.”

“Too hot?”

“I…no, no, not too hot. Oh, Dan, Sir—I want you to rub me please. Could you press on harder?”

“Like this?” He increases the pressure a little more, but it’s still not enough. I start to gyrate my hips, seeking even greater friction.

“Mmm, I think you’re getting acclimatised. Now for your clit.”

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