#wipitup – A last look at Red Skye at Night

WIPimage12[1]Hello wipsters and wippets, and welcome back to my blog. How’s your week going so far?

It’s Wednesday already, so time to WIP It Up with a little bit of soon-to-be published hotness. Each week erotic authors share excepts from works in progress or books not yet published. There’s always room for more, so if you feel like joining in you can find out about the blog hop here.

This week I want to share just one more little snippet from Red Skye at Night, due out in January 2015. This excerpt picks up where I left off last week – Harry is about to introduce Hope to the joys of anal…

redskyeatnight_800“Okay. So, tell me, when this happened before, how did you feel afterwards?”

Now I pause, chewing my lip as I consider Harry’s question. I’m not sure what to say. In truth, I didn’t feel especially good about my previous experience of anal play and I’ve harboured no wish to repeat it. I have mixed feelings now, though I readily accept that Harry is a far cry from my ex-boyfriend.

The seconds pass, and still I don’t answer. Harry reaches for me. He cradles my chin in his palm, tilting my head up so that I have to meet his eyes.

“Tell me, Hope.” His tone is achingly gentle.

“I felt…humiliated. Used, perhaps.”

“Humiliation is a part of submission. And you are your Dom’s, to use—an ass, a cunt—for his pjjleasure.” He waits a moment. I presume to let his words sink in. Then, “Does that bother you now? At this moment?”

I draw a long, deep breath, considering my answer. Harry releases my chin and shifts on the bed to sit on the edge, directly in front of me. I drop my gaze again so his legs are in my line of sight, from the knees down.

“Look up, Hope. Look at me as you answer.” The Dom tone is still soft, the timbre rich, sexy, but tender at the same time. I obey, lifting up my chin to meet his gaze. He smiles at me. My confidence soars. Whatever may have happened before, this is going to be good. Because this time, it’s Harry.

“No, Sir. I’m fine right now.” I manage a tentative smile of my own.

“That’s good. But even so, I think we’ll have a safe code for this. I want to know how you’re doing. The fact that this has not gone too well for you in the past makes me cautious. As your Dom, I’m going to want to know how you’re feeling as we proceed.”

I frown, puzzled. “Do you mean my safe word, Sir?”

“No. Similar idea, though. We’re going to operate a scale, from one to ten. One means everything’s fine, ten means whatever is happening to you is intolerable and has to stop immediately. Ten is the equivalent of your safe word. I’m going to ask you what your score is, frequently, and you’ll tell me, somewhere on that scale. If your score changes, and I haven’t asked, you have permission to say it. No, scratch that. You’re instructed to say it. Is that clear?”

“I think so, Sir.”

“So, what’s your score now?”

“One, Sir. Possibly two.”

“Sounds good to start with. I think I’ll need to ramp you up a bit, though. You’ll feel cheated otherwise. Yes?”

His eyes are glinting now, a heady mix of lust and humour, the perfect Dom for me. My pussy clenches in response—it’s a combination that will win with me every time. I bow my head, my submissive instincts coming to the fore, attuned to Harry’s dominance. “You’re right, Sir, of course.”

“Ah, Hope, you truly delight me. How did I get so lucky that I found you?”

“Sir?” I glance at him in genuine surprise. No one ever said they felt lucky to have found me.

Harry leans forward, placing his palms on my cheeks. He brushes his lips over mine. “I knew at first glance you were a stunner and sassy with it. Sexy goes without saying, and to discover you’re the perfect little submissive too. Hey, all my Christmases have come at once.” He kisses me again.

I forget my submissive posture, drawn in by the seductive dance of his tongue in my mouth, tangling around mine. I tunnel my fingers through his hair, lifting my body up to meet his kiss. Harry’s hands are on my shoulders, then they slide across my shoulder blades and down my back. He cups my bottom, separating the cheeks. I wince—my skin is still slightly delicate from the paddling earlier.

Harry notices and breaks the kiss. “Still sore?”

“Only a little, Sir.”

He nods then turns to grab two pillows from the head of the bed. He lays them one on top of the other beside him.

“Stand up, please.”

I obey immediately.

“Bend over, keep your feet on the floor and place your stomach on the pillows.”

I do that, finding I have to bend my knees to rest on the pillows. My right leg is stiff, but I manage to get into the position.

“Too low, you’ll be uncomfortable. Lift up a second.”

Harry shoves two more pillows under me, and this time my weight is well supported, my legs are straight, and I’m even able to rest my arms and chin on the bed on the other side of the pillows. My bum, naturally, is held aloft for his attention. I feel vulnerable. Exposed, but not scared. Not yet.

“What’s your score, Hope?”

I answer without hesitation. “Two, Sir.”

“I’ll live with that. Now, I want you to reach back and part your butt cheeks for me, please. Show me your asshole.”

“Three, Sir.”

Slightly longer excerpt than usual, but I hope you enjoyed it. Red Skye at Night goes on general release on 30 January 2015 but will be available for early download from Totally Bound from 2 January.

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