#SexySnippets … Brit Boys ..On Boys

snippetsWelcome to another Sunday of Sexy Snippets brought to you by The Nuthouse Scribblers where each week authors post seven sentences from a published work or a work in progress. This weekend I’m sharing a snippet from my MM novella, Bodywork, part of the Brit Boys … On Boys anthology, a box set of sizzling MM action with a distinctly British flavour.

Here’s the snippet…

Brit BoysI step through the door into his hallway and whirl to face him as he closes the door behind me. I reach for him, cradling his lean jaw in both my hands – this is it, the moment he either tells me to fuck off, or, or, well, he doesn’t.

Graham says nothing, does nothing, just waits.

I brush my mouth over his, tentative, testing, His lips part under mine so I close in and deepen the kiss, loving the cool texture of his mouth as he slips his tongue between my lips. I suck on it as I lean in to plaster him against the back of the door, the kiss becoming more eager, more desperate as we both acknowledge what is about to happen.

Graham breaks the kiss, his hands tangling in my hair. “Top or bottom?”

The set – Brit Boys … On Boys –  goes on general release on 30 December and includes eight stories from popular British authors, featuring Brit characters and Brit locations. You can pre-order it now, and get the whole 147k words at the ridiculously low price of $0.99 / £0.77

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All Romance

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