#MySexySaturday – A Sexy Ride

MSS_button 250x250Hello and welcome to another week of My Sexy Saturday. This week, by way of being a bit seasonal, the theme is sexy sleigh rides, or whatever rides might be going on. For this I’ve chosen a few paragraphs from an earlier release of mine, A Hard Bargain. In this excerpt Freya and Nick have gone for a drive in her rather lovely car, an Aston Martin Vanquish and we catch up with the pair skimming stones at Wastewater, a lake in England’s Lake District national park. Nick has already instructed Freya to strip to the waist, and she has complied.

ahardbargain_800I stare, shake my head in amazement as he turns away, stepping down to the water’s edge and selecting a handful of small, flat stones. He holds his collection in his left fist as he looks back up at me, the glint of challenge sparkling in his grey eyes now. “Come on, Miss Stone. Select your weapons. If you can manage four bounces I might even agree to fuck you again this evening. Across the bonnet of your beautiful car. Would you like that, my sexy little sub?”

I nod, but hesitantly. It’s the car thing. What if I dent it? But I don’t let that stop me entering into the spirit of this game as I step forward then crouch beside him to choose some stones for myself. Incredibly, as long as it’s only Nick Hardisty looking at me, I’m quite unconcerned about my state of semi-undress as I scour the shoreline for suitable stones and collect up a few likely candidates. I know exactly what I’m looking for, nice flat ones about the size of a fifty pence piece and upwards. I’ve done a lot of stone skimming over the years. Four bounces—piece of piss!

Well it would be, if not for Nick Hardisty’s interference. Happy with my first crop of missiles I square up to the lake, standing a few feet from Nick, my back to him as I curl my middle finger carefully and precisely around the edge of my first stone, ready to hurl it skimming across the surface of the water. I don’t hear his approach, and double up in self-defensive surprise as his hand snakes around me to catch my undefended nipple between his finger and thumb, just as I make my shot. He squeezes swiftly, the pain sharp and hard and over in a moment. The stone goes wide, clattering across the pebbled shoreline as I twist in his arms. He shrugs, releasing me, backing off, his hands spread wide in mocking apology.

“Sorry, beautiful. Force of habit. I’ll try to keep my hands to myself. Please, continue…”

I do, and of course, he doesn’t. The next ten minutes are spent with Nick laughing, groping me unashamedly, cheering and groaning at my stone-skimming efforts and their varied results. And I’m clapping and preening in smug delight as, despite his determined attempts at sabotage, I manage to score an astounding five bounces. Nick puts up a brave attempt, concentrating hard on the task as he realises he’s not up against a mere novice, but the best he can manage is six. Eventually we decide to settle for what we’ve achieved and make our way back to my car. His right arm is draped over my shoulders, and he uses his fingertips to lightly stroke and flick my right nipple as we stroll across the springy grass. I eye my pristine, maroon red bonnet nervously as we draw near. Surely he wouldn’t? In more or less broad daylight?

He would. And it’s not really daylight by now anyway. Mercifully he had the foresight to park the car with its nose pointing away from the road. And the lay-by is cut into the contours of the surrounding hills so we’re unlikely to attract the attention of any more passing motorists. Still, his curt, “Drop your jeans and bend over the bonnet” causes me to gulp. But I do it. Of course I do it.

This is no way to treat a £200k piece of precision engineering. Freya’s standards are slipping. Wonder what else is going to go? If you want to find out, A Hard Bargain is the first book in my trilogy, The Hardest Word. You can grab a copy from

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Christmas chickAnd finally – may I wish all My Sexy Saturday lovers the very best for the Christmas season, however you like to spend it. I’ll see you in 2015

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