Happy New Sizzling Hot Excerpt…

… from Faith

By way of wishing my friends, readers, other authors all the very best for a sweet and kinky 2015, here’s a simmering excerpt from Faith.

faithI look over my shoulder as David again opens the blanket chest. This time he selects two spanking paddles. He hands one to Ewan.

“What do you think? Not too heavy? You know how she likes this.”

Ewan tests the flexible silicone in his hands, then tries a couple of experimental slaps against his thigh. “She prefers a good, hard spanking. I’ve used heavier on her. But these will do, I think.” He grins at David. “After all, I seem to remember someone once telling me it’s really all in the wrist action.”

“Good. Glad you remembered that. Shows my efforts weren’t wasted on you.” He turns to me. “We really shouldn’t keep your little sub waiting.”

“Indeed.” Ewan moves to stand behind me. I’m straining my neck to keep him in view. I know David has taken up a similar position on the other side, though I can’t see him. “This isn’t a punishment, Charity. You only need to say when you’ve had enough and we’ll stop. So, are you ready?”

“Yes, sir. Except, I wonder…”

He waits, patient. I fall silent, unsure if I should continue.

“You wonder what, Charity?”

“I want to come, sir. Now. Could you… one of you…?”

“You want one of us to finger-fuck you before your spanking? Is that it?”

“Yes, sir.”

“I don’t see any problem with that. David? Would you?”

I cry out in blessed relief as two thick fingers sink into my waiting pussy. I writhe my hips in appreciation, oblivious now to the weights pulling at my tits. I tighten my inner muscles around the fingers rubbing my G-spot.

“I want her to come fast and hard. And Charity, look at me while it’s happening. Eyes on me, girl.”

“Sir, I…”

“Look at me.” The order is curt, the tone of authority unmistakeable. Disobedience is unthinkable. I open my eyes and lift my chin. Ewan is leaning against the other bedpost, the paddle still dangling from his fingers. His expression is stern. “Those are David’s fingers in your cunt, but I’m the one controlling what happens to you, and how it happens. Do you understand that?”

“Yes, sir. You’re in control.” I shiver as David’s fingers work their unerring magic inside me. My orgasm is building, unstoppable.

“Right. I’m in control, and I’ll take care of you. You know that too, don’t you?”

“Yes, sir.” My pussy spasms around the skilled fingers, twisting and scissoring against my inner walls.

“Come now, girl. Come for me.”

“Yes, I… Aagh.” I lurch forward, and narrowly avoid losing my grip on the polished wood of the bed post as David pushes me past the point of no return. My body convulses, my hips bucking as the waves of pleasure sweep away all other considerations. Except for Ewan. Not once, not for one moment, through the perfect storm of pure sensation pulsing through me, not once do I break eye contact.

He has me. Absolutely.

“Greedy sub. You’re lucky I’m feeling so generous this evening. David has clearly had a civilising effect on me. Would you like to thank us for allowing you to come before you’ve earned so much as a tingle?”

“Thank you, sir. Both of you. Sirs.”

“You’re welcome.” This from David, who I note has picked up his paddle and now seems ready to resume where they left off. Ewan also moves back into position behind me.

“So wet. Positively dripping. Such a hot, tight cunt. You’ll love being inside her. I always do.” Ewan’s voice is casual, his matter-of-fact style at odds with the intimacy of his observation.

“I’m thinking so too. Nice arse though. Are you sure you don’t want to swap?” David warms to the theme. They both seem content to take a few moments to compare notes on the relative merits of the differing parts of my anatomy. Somehow—I have no idea where I drag the resolve up from—I manage to remain still for their perusal.

My stomach lurches in apprehension. What if Ewan agrees to the switch? Could I do that? It’s only ever been Ewan—there.

“Quite sure. Her arse is mine. Only mine.” Ewan’s tone leaves no room for negotiation.

Thank God!

“Fair enough. I don’t blame you. So, are we ready?” David seems eager to make progress. I find I share his sentiment.

“Yeah.” Ewan pats my bottom. “Charity, I’ll just warm you up first, okay?”

“Yes. Thank you, sir.” I draw in a deep breath as he goes to work on my upturned bottom, showering hard, rapid slaps over every inch of my buttocks and thighs. The first time he did this, I hated it. Now, it’s foreplay, arousing and sensual but just the prelude for what’s to come. I rock from side to side as the tension starts to drain from my body, my clit throbbing in an insistent, pulsing demand for release, despite my recent orgasm. I don’t dare ask them to let me come again. Not yet.

I’m sinking into the familiar submissive haze of contentment when Ewan slows his spanks down.

“Wake up, Charity. I’m starting to think you may not be paying proper attention.” He emphasises his point with a hard slap across my pussy.

“Aagh! Sir, I wasn’t expecting that.” The complaint dies on my lips as Ewan parts my smarting buttocks and inserts a cold butt plug into my arse. It’s well-oiled and slips in fairly readily, despite any lack of direct preparation. He pulls it back out, almost to the tip, then shoves it back in hard.

It feels glorious. Decadent. Quite wicked and deliciously naughty as both doms have an unimpeded view of my arse accepting this intrusion, and my obvious relish for it. Ewan slides the plug back into place until my muscle tightens around the narrow rim to hold it inside me.

“That’ll do for now. Try to relax your muscles and it won’t feel too uncomfortable. Not easy, when you’re being spanked, but I’m sure you’ll manage.” Ewan pauses, then, “David? After you…”

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