To celebrate hitting the number ONE spot on Amazon UK’s Gay and Lesbian best seller list…

No.1 Bestseller… here’s a scorching excerpt from Bodywork, my story in the Brit Boys: On Boys box set. And if you hurry the whole lot – all eight stories, 147k words – can be yours for just 99p but only for a limited time.

How’s that for a Happy New Year?    All Romance

Here’s the excerpt…

“Shall we take this upstairs?” I hand Graham a cup.

His response is a sexy leer and he leads the way.

In his room I set my cup on the bedside table and tug my shirt from my jeans. Graham watches me pull it over my head, still buttoned up. He’s lounging against the door and seems to be in no particular hurry to get naked. Our eyes lock as I kick off my trainers and bend to pull off my socks. As I straighten and reach for the button on my jeans, he steps forward.

“Let me do that.”

I stand still while he unfastens the button and unzips my jeans, then drops to his knees in front of me. He slides the denim over my hips, dragging my underwear down too. My cock springs loose, already hard, jutting proudly in front of his face.

“Step out.” Graham caresses my ankle. Obedient, I lift my foot to allow him to pull the discarded clothing away. He tilts his head to grin up at me. “I’ve been looking forward to this all day.”

“Yeah?” I don’t ask him to elaborate. I can just hope…

He curls his fingers around my solid cock and pumps slowly up and down. I let out a hiss and wonder how long I’ll be able to stay upright.

Not long at this rate. Graham holds my dick still, angling it outwards and down towards him. He grips the end and draws his fist slowly down to pull back my foreskin. The head of my cock is glistening, droplets of liquid seeping from the slit. His eyes lock on mine. He leans in to trail the tip of his tongue through the moisture as though tasting my pre-cum. The action is delicate, fastidious almost. He releases me and sits back to rest on his heels. Then he tilts his head up to look me fully in the face, and licks his lips.

His expression is sensual, so utterly sexy I groan, deep in my throat.

“Again?” His features take on a teasing, almost mischievous expression. We both know better.

“Fuck, yes!”

I close my eyes when he wraps his hand around my cock again, this time using his other to cup my balls. He squeezes, rolling my testicles in his palm while he regards the slick head of my dick. He laps at it, flattening his tongue around the sensitive pink flesh to lick the clear beads of liquid away. This time he widens his lips to take the head into his mouth, scraping his teeth over the engorged tip.

I shiver and concentrate on bracing my hips, locking my knees in the hope I might be able to remain standing. My eyes are closed, my head hanging back. I pant through my mouth to drag in precious oxygen.

Graham shifts his position, angling his face over my cock in order to take more of it inside his mouth. I gaze down at him as he sucks, his cheeks hollowing to draw my response from me.

I reach for him, comb my fingers through his hair before gripping a handful of it. If I’m hurting him he gives no sign—if anything he increases the suction, ramping up the intensity.

His head is bobbing up and down, his tongue and teeth caressing the head of my cock. His hand is doing the rest, working my tool hard and fast. My balls tighten, my climax building, growing. As I rush towards orgasm Graham knows, and he eases back. He allows, or should that be forces, my climax to recede, to settle again.

I let out a growl of frustration and glare at him. He raises his eyes but is not in the least intimidated by my silent demands. He takes his time before increasing the pressure once more, urging me even closer to the edge then pulling back and waiting for my arousal to subside.

“I want to come. I need to come. Now, for fuck’s sake…”

His expression is unmoved. His actions unhurried. He may be on his knees at my feet, but there is no doubt at all who is running this show. I press my fingertips against his scalp, as though I could transfer my sense of urgency through them, but it’s to no avail. Graham plays me like a violin, building my response almost to a shattering crescendo then dropping back to more muted, gentle tones, a sensuous melody that seems to go on and on. I’m torn between the gripping demands of my thwarted libido, and the seductive lure of his artful touch. I’m on a plateau, hovering between ecstatic release and quivering, undulating ripples of pure pleasure.

I snarl my need, but all the while Graham is in total command of my senses, my response his to control.

At last I can stand it no longer. “Please, please, I need… Please.”

He tightens his grip, and this time he doesn’t let go. With a couple of well-timed thrusts, a hollowing of his cheeks and a flick of his tongue across the head of my dick, my balls contract and spunk surges to fill his mouth. A dribble of it escapes his lips and rolls down his chin.

Graham’s Adam’s apple is working as he swallows and clears his airway. The flood continues, my balls emptying into his throat. He never wavers, gulping it all down then using his tongue to lick me clean. Only when the last drop is gone does he release my throbbing dick from his mouth to grin up at me from his position on the floor. He uses his forefinger to catch the stray drop on his chin and holds my gaze while he licks that too.

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