#MySexySaturday – First Impressions

MSS_button 250x250Hello, and a warm welcome back to Week 76 of My Sexy Saturday. Today’s theme is all about those characters whose sexiness scorches the page. I’m sharing seven paragraphs from Chameleon, due out on 30 January.

Chameleon is to be the debut novel in Totally Bound’s latest imprint, Totally Five Star. All the stories in the series are set in hotels around the world, all part of the super-luxurious Totally Five Star chain. Yummy. Chameleon is on general release from 30 January, but you get get your hands on it on early download from Totally Bound.

chameleon_800In this excerpt, Fleur has rescued Ethan from his crashed car in the desert, He insists on driving despite his head injury. She has other ideas and tries to make off with his ignition key.

She hiked up her cloak and sprinted, hard. It was no good. She knew almost instantly she had no chance of reaching the donkey before the man did. His pounding footsteps were behind her, gaining, and in seconds he seized her from behind and lifted her off her feet. He clamped an arm around her waist, the other across her chest and swung her round to face the car again.

“My key, if you please?”

Fleur was unused to being manhandled and should have been more scared than she actually was. Her reaction was more outrage than fear as she kicked, squirmed, and struggled in his arms. “Let go of me. I insist. Put me down. Put me down!”

The man chuckled in her ear, holding onto her effortlessly, despite her frantic wriggling. He made no attempt to search her clothing, she noted, though he could have easily overpowered her and retrieved his key. Instead, he carried her back to the car. Once there, he turned her in his arms and bent her over the bonnet, her cloaked back against the hot metal. “Is it burning you?”

“No, sir.” Fleur shook her head, though she could have lied and said yes. He seemed concerned not to hurt her, despite the determined gleam in his eyes.

“I’ll let you go. You are free to walk away whenever you like. But there’s no way you’re leaving here with my key. I don’t want to take it from you by force, but I will if it comes to it. I normally make it a rule not to lay my hands on any woman who hasn’t asked me very, very nicely, but I’m ready to make an exception with you. I will have my key back. Do I make myself clear, girl?”

Fleur went still, staring up into his eyes. The blue was dazzling, clear, almost turquoise. She shivered, despite the heat, and her pussy moistened. She clamped her knees together, wishing the intense feeling away. She didn’t even like this obstinate foreigner, so how could he affect her in this way just by suggesting that he might lay his hands on her? Correction, he was already doing just that. He gripped her wrists, his fingers against her flesh where her wide sleeves had fallen away. He made no attempt, though, to lift them above her head, which would have spread her out under him, making her feel even more vulnerable. That seemed not to be his intent, as he allowed her to keep her hands clutched in front of her. All in all, she had to admit, he treated her incredibly gently.

I hope you enjoyed this brief peep at Chameleon. Here’s the blurb. There’s even a sweet little trailer.

A chance meeting, two strangers whose paths cross—in the same place at the same time, yet a world apart.

When mining engineer Ethan Savage spots the cloaked, veiled woman riding a donkey in the Moroccan desert, he can be forgiven for thinking that in some respects nothing much has changed in two thousand years. She wouldn’t look out of place in Biblical times. They pass, nod, smile politely and go their separate ways, two strangers a world apart.

But when, moments later, she rescues him from his crashed car, the first words she utters make Ethan realise that appearances can be deceptive. His little Berber peasant is not what she seems.

Chameleon_NewRelease_AsheBarker_socialmedia_00002Shifting effortlessly between her traditional roots in the foothills of the Atlas Mountains and her professional life as the Totally Five Star hotel doctor, Fleur is a human chameleon, able to adapt and blend into any environment. At first irritated then amused by the handsome stranger, Fleur knows the assumptions he’s made about her. As their paths cross once more at the luxurious hotel, she realises he, too, is not all he seems. This sexy Englishman holds the key to her most secret and sensual desires, dangerous yearnings she’s kept locked away for years. Now she has a choice to make.

Ethan is only in Marrakesh for a few days, then he’ll be gone and she’ll never see him again. No one will ever know, so surely it will do no harm? Can she pass up this opportunity? And once she’s trusted him with her body, experienced all he can offer, will she be able to return to her old life? Or will the sensual chameleon need to reinvent herself once again to fit into his world?

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