#WIPItUp – Dancing with a gorilla

WIPimage12[1]Hello and welcome to my blog for another WIP It Up Wednesday. the regular blog hop where authors share snippets from works in progress. This week I’m sharing another piece from my latest story, now at final drafting stage before being inflicted on a publisher. It’s tentatively called Spirit, but that might change.

Here’s the excerpt…

I know he sees me straight away, framed in the doorway and silhouetted by the light behind me. He doesn’t speak at first, but I swear I can hear the cogs whirring as he considers how to react. He opens his mouth to speak, and I know from the look of resignation in his eyes that he’s about to pack me off back to my safe, chaste bed.

I forestall that by grabbing the hem of my – his – T shirt and pulling it over my head in one swift move.

Matt’s jaw clamps shut, and a flash of something else – anger perhaps – glitters in his eyes. Brief, then it’s gone. I lift my chin and hold his gaze.

The moments crawl by as he peruses my body, displayed for him now in all my hopeful glory. I know him well enough to be sure that if he rejects me it will be done with kindness, but it would still be rejection and I will be mortified. So much so, perhaps, that I would be unable to remain here after this. Too late I realise I’ve backed myself into a corner. He has to want me, He simply has to.

Please. Please.

“Are you looking for something, Beth? A clean T shirt, perhaps?”

“I’m looking for you.”

He lifts one eyebrow, but his expression is softening now, his eyes darkening. He reaches for the lamp beside his bed, and the room is filled with light. Harsh, revealing light.

Still I stand before him, reluctant to move forward uninvited, but even more determined not to retreat.

“Well, you found me. So now, what do you intend to do with me?”

“I want to get into your bed.”

“You want me to fuck you.”

It’s a statement, not a question but I nod anyway. I manage not to embarrass myself further by saying ‘yes please’, but it’s there, hovering on the tip of my tongue.

“More fool you. Come here, Beth.” He flicks back the corner of his duvet by way of invitation, and I’m across the room in a flash. I scramble into the bed beside him and throw myself across his chest. His arms close around me, his palms warm on my shoulder blades as he caresses my shivering body.

“You’re cold?”


“Ah. Beth, you’re so fucking gorgeous you take my breath away, but this won’t work. You’re too young, too inexperienced. You don’t know what you’re letting yourself in for.”

“I want you. I want you.”

He gives a low chuckle. “Determined little thing, aren’t you? Well it looks like you’re gonna have me, love.”

“Please, be quick. I can’t wait…”

“Ah, but you’ll have to. You’re dancing with a gorilla, baby.”


“You decided to take to the dance floor, but that’s the last decision you get to make. It’s my show now.”

Kinky book picI hope you enjoyed this brief glimpse at Matt and Beth. Not sure when it’s likely to be released, but to make sure you don’t miss it, what about signing up for my newsletter?

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3 thoughts on “#WIPItUp – Dancing with a gorilla

  1. Oh, Ashe, you tease, ending it right when you get to the good stuff. I love a big brute of a gorilla and now I’m gonna have to wait for more. . Please be quick–with another hot excerpt I say–I can’t wait.


  2. I love the title you gave this scene. It’s sweet the way she goes to him, confessing her desires. And I’m with Maddie about you being a tease and leaving us hanging just shy of the action. Can’t wait for more of this one ☺


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