#MySexySaturday – Some Sexy Thoughts from Bodywork

MSS_button 250x250Hello and welcome to my blog for another My Sexy Saturday where this week’s theme is sexy thoughts. For sure, all our characters have plenty of those and I wanted to share an excerpt from Bodywork, my story in the Brit Boys on Boys anthology which has been topping the Amazon Gay and LGBT charts this month. This piece has been edited a little to get it to just seven paragraphs. Here Alex and Graham have just met, but each is eying up the other and the chemistry between them is starting to sizzle.

“Tea? Coffee?” I don’t normally offer refreshment to my customers, but I make an exception for Graham Parr.

Brit Boys“Coffee, please.” Shit. I’ll need a clean cup. I dig around in the cupboard over the sink for the cup our part-time admin worker and accounts clerk uses. Alice is only here on Tuesday afternoons, which is nearly a week away, so we’re safe enough. I make him a coffee, check on his preferences for milk and sugar, and hand it to him. We wander back outside to peer at the damage again. It doesn’t look too bad, considering.

“It’ll need a new door skin. I might be able to salvage the rear wing, though, if that’s all right with you. Metallic paint can be a sod to match, but I should be able to get the right shade from a BMW dealer I know.”

He leans against the bonnet sipping his coffee as he considers my suggestions. He makes up his mind after a few moments. “As long as I can’t see the join I’ll let you work out the details. How long will it take?”

“Can you leave the car with me now? I’ll drop you off. It’s part of the service, as long as you don’t have any objection to riding in a work’s van.”

“I don’t mind your van, Alex. I don’t mind it at all. In fact, I think I could get to like it.” His tone is warm, the words almost suggestive. Almost, but not quite. He looks at me over the rim of his mug.

No.1 Bestseller badgeMy cock is up to its tricks again, and I somehow doubt my overalls are going to be much help. Graham breaks eye contact with me, his gaze carving a leisurely trail down my torso to my groin. There he stops, and he watches with undisguised interest as my dick springs to life. It hardens and swells, thrusting upwards against my light nylon work wear, playing to what appears to be an appreciative audience. Graham’s eyebrow quirks. Is that admiration in his expression? Fuck, I hope so. “Do you want dropping off at home or work?” I give him ample opportunity to inspect the goods before I step forward to take his mug from him. I have no objection to flirting with a sexy customer, but I doubt Roy will appreciate the floor show when he arrives. That, and I’m keen to find out more about Graham Parr. Such as where he lives.

I hope you enjoyed this snippet from Bodywork. The entire Brit Boys on Boys box set, featuring Bodywork as well as seven more stories from some of the most popular erotic authors in the UK, can be yours for just 99p, but that bargain price only lasts until the end of January so you need to get a shift on if you want to grab it.

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