#SaturdaySpanks – More from Chameleon

Sat Spanks logoHello and welcome to my blog, and to another weekend of spanking hotness. Just what’s needed on a chilly January day.

Marakesh graphicThis weekend sees the release of Chameleon, my story set in Marrakesh so I really should dip into that. In this snippet Ethan is describing to Fleur some of what she might expect from him.

Ethan chuckled, and even to his own ears he knew the sound lacked any hint of mirth. “With your hand, Sir. That’s four so far now – you really do need to concentrate.” He shook his head, his smile wry. “Oh, Fleur, you’ll be amazed at what I can do to you with just my hands, my bare hands and your bare bottom.” He watched her pupils dilate further, and knew she was wet. Wetter. Ah, yes, words could be so much more effective than actions, carefully chosen words, delivered at just the right time. And anticipation would build the effects in her head until the actual event could even seem tame. Not that he’d let her arrive at such a conclusion. He smiled sweetly at her. “Would you like a prawn?”

Slightly over eight sentences, but some were very short. I hope you liked this little teaser from Chameleon. The book will appear on Amazon and the other ebook sellers’ sites over the weekend, and is already available from Totally Bound.

chameleon_competition_socialmediaDon’t miss the Chameleon blog tour and competition this week – you might win a copy of the book and more besides.

And finally, don’t forget to drop in on the rest of the spanking authors sharing excerpts today.

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