#MySexySaturday – Addicted To Love

My Sexy SaturdayWelcome to my blog, and to another weekend of Saturday Sexiness. This week the theme is Addicted To Love, which offers up a wealth of possibilities. I’m going to share seven paragraphs (plus one extras line) from Faith, a recent release of mine. Here Faith is giving in to her own addiction to Ewan’s brand of  love… and having such a good time doing it.


“Roll onto your back.”

I do as I am told, what else? My hands are still tied behind me so I have to manoeuvre with care, but I manage. He props himself up on one elbow, leans over to kiss me.

“God, you’re lovely.”

“You too, sir.”

He smiles, the dimples flashing. So sexy, so bloody gorgeous. I close my eyes, too emotionally wrung out to find any further conversation. I gasp as he flicks my left nipple with his tongue before fastening his lips around it. He sucks, the tug soft, achingly gentle in contrast to the sensations of a few moments ago. He leans across to apply the same treatment to my right breast, bringing both peaks to pebbling hardness. He works his way down my body, nibbling past my stomach and belly button, and over my smooth mound. Unbidden, I spread my legs as wide as I’m able, open to whatever he chooses to do next. He nuzzles my clit, feathering light kisses across the tip before tracing the outline of my inner lips with his tongue. I am instantly aroused, poised to orgasm again.

“Sir, if you do that, I…”

“You can come as much as you like now. Relax, enjoy yourself.”

Oh. Thank God and all the saints. I let out the breath I only now realise I’ve been holding, and give myself over to the pure sensual joy of being so expertly mastered.

I hope you enjoyed this. If you want to read more, Faith is available from

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