#MySexySaturday – Spirit , A Long Time Sexy

MSS_button 250x250Hello and welcome to my blog, and to the 86th sizzling week of My Sexy Saturday, the weekly blog hop where authors share seven (or so) sexy paragraphs from a published work. This week’s theme is A Long Time Sexy and it’s all about those who have loved each other for a long time. That’s perfect for me, because I can share an excerpt from my newest release, Spirit.
This is a story of love starting to blossom between two people with nothing in common, then of separation and loss as the pair are driven apart. Time passes, but their feelings don’t change, and when they meet again years later the spark is till there.

spirit cover

“I want to kiss you.” Did I say that? Out loud?

“For old times’ sake? Or to seal our new partnership perhaps?”

“Not entirely.”

“Thank God for that.” He dips his face towards mine as I reach up on tiptoe to close the remaining distance. I slide my lips across his, the sensation so familiar despite the years between us, the anger and the disappointment. I let all that fall away as I reach to tangle my fingers in his hair.

It’s a little shorter now than it was before, but every bit as soft, the waves springy under my fingertips. His arms close around me, pulling me close and lifting me up so he can deepen the kiss. Or I can. Whichever, it happens, and in moments we’re on the small settee, me curled in his lap, my lips locked on his. My tongue is dancing in his mouth, tangling with his, exploring, tasting. I swallow my sigh, or perhaps it is his. My fingers are curled in the soft wool of his sweater as I cling on. His palms are on my back, circling my shoulder blades, soothing, reassuring, just as before.

I break the kiss to rest my cheek against the solid strength of his chest, and this time it is he who tunnels his fingers through my hair. He dislodges the claw fastener holding it in place and the waves tumble free, the dark blonde strands toning delicately with the hue of his sweater. We match. Perfectly.

“Christ, Beth, why did you leave?”

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