#SaturdaySpankings – Tied to the rail to be spanked

Sat Spanks logoHello and welcome to my blog, and to another tingling installment of Saturday Spankings. This is the weekly blog hop where spanking authors share a short snippet from one of their stories, either published or a work in progress. This week I’m sharing an excerpt from my latest release, Spirit.

It should be appearing on Amazon any time now.

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spirit cover

Here’s the blurb…

When Matthew Logan offers a homeless young woman a bed for a few nights, he expects the girl to eat, sleep, recover from the flu, and then move on. Instead, in no time at all eighteen-year-old Beth Harte has captured his affections completely. Though Matt wants only to protect her and has no intention of sleeping with her, Beth has other ideas, and she proves to be very persuasive.

But after Beth is attacked by a friend of Matt’s and subsequently learns for the first time that Matt is an experienced dominant, she is unable to separate the man she is growing to care about from her hateful memories of previous exploitation. Confused and frightened, she runs away.

Almost six years pass before Matt sees Beth again, and in that time his vulnerable little waif has reinvented herself as an artist. Now she has a stunning proposition for him and his environmental engineering company: to collaborate on a project fusing art and science to promote one of the most prestigious sporting events in the world. But when Matt demands to know what went wrong before, she tells him the truth, both about her childhood and about his friend’s actions.

Matt is determined to make Beth’s abusers pay for their crimes, but he’s also not about to let her run away from him again. Can Beth bring herself to trust Matt despite her fears and give him the chance to love her and show her the pleasures of being his submissive, or will the wounds of her past keep her from trusting anyone ever again?

And here’s the snippet, ever so slightly more than eight sentences, but they are short ones, honest. Beth is negotiating her limits.

“Not that. I don’t want that. Ever.”
Matt pushes himself from the wall where he still leans and comes to stand beside me. He looks into the chest, sees what I’m pointing at.
“The ball gag?”
I nod, not even wanting to say the words.
“Okay. Do you want me to get rid of it?”
I look up at him. “Would you?”
“Of course.” He leans over and picks up the offending article and shoves it into the back pocket of his jeans. “I’ll light the stove later and this can go on it. Anything else?”
“No, nothing else. And, I don’t mean you have to destroy it. I just, I mean, I don’t want… It scares me.”
He slides an arm around my shoulders. “I know, I see that. I get it. I don’t want you to be frightened, there’s no need. Excited, challenged, maybe a little nervous, apprehensive even, but plain scared isn’t good. It isn’t fun, and we don’t go there.”
I gaze up at him, my trust absolute. “So, where do we go then?”
“Well. To start with I think I mentioned the balcony rail. I’d like you to undress and let me tie you to it.

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