#WIPItUp – “Tell Me”

wipitup22[1]Hello, and welcome to another WIP It Up Wednesday. This is the blog hop where erotic authors share snippets from works in progress, giving readers a heads up on super sexy new stuff to keep those ever-hungry kindles satisfied.
We authors are needy sorts. We crave feedback, just so we know we’re on the right track, so please feel free to comment.
Kinky book picThis week I’m sharing an excerpt from a story I just finished and sent to a publisher. Fingers crossed. It’s tentatively titled “Tell Me”, though of course that could change. No blurb yet, no cover art, just – this…

There was a faint swirl of air against her naked back as he stepped away, and a rustle as he bent to retrieve the flogger he had laid to one side in order to calm her.

Thea shivered, then exhaled as he drew the strands of the flogger across her shoulders, her already heated skin prickling under the caress. He walked around her to trail the suede tendrils over her breasts, paying close attention to her throbbing nipples. Thea tensed, willing him not to flick or nudge, but at the same time longing for him to do just that.

He didn’t. Instead he brushed her lips with his own, just the lightest suggestion of a kiss before he circled around behind her again. Thea wondered if it was possible to die from longing, from sheer anticipation.


“I know.” His tone was clipped, all business. Gone now the tender lover of just a few seconds ago, “Now, right?”

“Now, Sir … aaagh” Despite her readiness Thea let out a startled yelp as the flogger landed across her naked shoulders. The pain was sharp at first, shimmering across the surface of her skin, then sinking into her flesh, rich and heavy. She sagged forward, allowing the restraints which held her secure by the wrists to take her weight now.

Wordless, her Dom continued to drop stroke after stroke across her shoulders and buttocks, her breasts, her hips, each one perfectly placed and timed to ensure she had sufficient space to absorb the impact before the next fell. His movements were economical, efficient, precise, his skill long-practised. He circled her slowly, her body open to him, exposed.

Thea had been unnerved at first when Tony led her to the centre of the dungeon and asked her to raise her arms above her head. She had expected to be secured to the St Andrew’s cross, which would have offered a modicum of privacy as she could have pressed her body against its warm, solid arms. Instead she was here, on display for the entire dungeon to watch as Tony worked his magic on her. Once he had her secured he had taken his time removing the corset which she had laced so carefully before leaving her flat. It now lay beside his bag of toys, a brilliant, shimmering pool of crimson. She was next to naked, but her self-consciousness had evaporated quickly, as they both knew it would.

The pinch of nipple clamps, the caress of the collar around her neck, these grounded her, gave her the solid foundation she craved. And Tony’s voice, like liquid lust poured into her soul, just swept her along and carried her with him on this journey.

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5 thoughts on “#WIPItUp – “Tell Me”

  1. Ooh the St Andrews Cross and the delicious touch of a flogger… I might feel sorry for Thea and her lack of privacy… but on second thoughts, nope, I don’t! A little bit of exhibitionism is very, very nice…


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