Her Hollywood Daddy – A fabulous new erotic romance from Renee Rose

Today I am honoured to welcome one of my favourite authors back to my blog, this time to share with us the delicious details of another wonderful book. Renee Rose is one of the most prolific, and versatile writers I know. I love her historical erotic romances, and her paranormal stories, and now she brings us an ageplay romance to enjoy, with a delightful naughty cover and a seriously hot excerpt. Over to you, Renee…

Hi Ashe and thank you so much for having me today. I just published my first Ageplay romance and I found the dynamic to be a delicious sub-genre of BDSM. There is something about the role-playing of innocence and loving authority that becomes both hot and sweet.


Here’s a spanking scene between Marissa and her “daddy” that gives you a flavor:

He chuckled. He drove to his house and pulled into the garage, cutting the engine. “All right, little girl. It’s time for your spanking.”

Her shoulders sank. “You were serious?”

“Very. Go to our bedroom and wait for me.”

“Our bedroom? Uh…okay.”

She looked over her shoulder twice as she walked.

He didn’t make her wait long, just pulled her suitcase out of the trunk and followed her in. She sat on the edge of the bed, twisting her fingers together.

“Take off your shorts, Rissa Roo.”

Her eyes lifted at the pet name and he thought he saw a faint smile as she stood up and unbuttoned her shorts. She started to pull them down, then stopped. “Shorts and panties?”

“Just shorts. I like to pull your panties down myself, and I like them to stay at your thighs.”

She dropped the shorts at her feet and stepped out of them.

He sat on the bed and patted his thighs. “Bend over my lap, little girl.”


“Yes, Rissa?”

She sucked her lip. “Do you have to spank me?”

“Yes, I do, little girl. Are you still sore?”

“A little,” she said. “And I think I’m more scared now than I was yesterday.”

He picked up both her hands. “Sweet girl. Yesterday’s spanking was a very serious punishment. Today will not be so harsh, as long as you’re a good girl and stay in position. Can you do that for Daddy?”

She nodded. “Yes, sir.”

“That’s my girl.” He patted his lap once more and she lowered her chin and bent over, her torso resting on the bed.

He slapped her delicious ass, fairly hard.

“Ooh!” she gasped.

He slapped her other cheek.

She expelled her breath with a big puff.

He spanked her again, and she lifted the pointed toes of one foot.

“Feet down,” he reminded her, although he found her pose cute in a sex-kitten kind of way. Sex kitten pretty much summed up Marissa Sparks. He lowered her panties to her thighs, making the perfect frame for her toned ass.

She squirmed on his lap as he began to pick up the pace, issuing little mewls of protest. Her bottom took on a pink blush, his fingers leaving red lines that faded.


“Do you ever sass your Daddy, Rissa Roo?”

She turned to mush at the pet name. It made her feel so fully his. His hand crashed down on her upturned bottom again. “No, sir,” she cried. Why did his spanking make her feel like his, too?

“Do you ever use that tight tone of voice with me that you use with your sister and your mom?”

She hesitated. She couldn’t help that tone, it just came out when she was stressed. But his hand continued to smack her poor bottom as she deliberated, so she whimpered. “No, Daddy.”

“You don’t sound very convincing,” he said.

“Ouch.”  She rolled over his lap, her hip connecting with his stiffened cock. Evidence of his arousal made her squirm even more, suddenly aware of her own growing need. Her pussy pulsed, burning for his touch. “I’m sorry, okay?”

He didn’t stop or lighten up for a moment. “Rissa, will you be using that tone with your Daddy?”

“No,” she moaned, although she really wasn’t sure.

“You know what that tone tells me?”

“Ow! No.”

“No, sir or no, Daddy. Mind your manners little girl.”

“Ooh, ooh ooh, sorry Daddeeee,” she wailed. “No, sir!”

“It tells me my baby girl is upset about something that she’s keeping in, so the way it comes out is in a very tight, angry voice. Am I right?”

Suddenly it wasn’t a game. She really was a little girl who felt about two inches tall. She wanted to cry. She snorted, holding back the threatened tears.

Joel stopped and rubbed her burning bottom. “Aw, sweetie. I’m sorry you’re holding in things that upset you. I don’t ever want you to do that with me. It’s not healthy for you and it’s certainly not good for our relationship. Do you understand?”

Now she couldn’t help but cry, a huge sniffling sob taking over her breath.

He rubbed her back. “You’re my sweet baby. It’s important I always know what’s bothering my baby so I can help her feel good again. That’s my job, pretty girl. Do you believe me?”

She sucked in her breath and sniffed. “I w-want to believe you,” she said, sounding exactly like a six-year-old.

“Well, you can,” he said softly. “Daddies take good care of their little girls. You’re safe with me. Your feelings are safe. Your bottom is not safe,” he said with another hard but playful slap.

“Ouch,” she protested. “You’re mean.”

“No, I’m kind. I punish my little girl so there’s never any irritation that hasn’t been dealt with. Your bottom will always pay when you displease me,” he said, patting her tingling ass.

Her skin flushed all over, heat crawling up and down her arms and legs, her backside throbbing. She wanted him to touch between her legs, but he seemed to purposely avoid her pussy, circling all around her bottom and lower thighs without ever more than a brush on her nether lips.

Her Hollywood Daddy

Hollywood starlet Marissa Sparks’ career teeters on the brink of implosion. Her mansion is nearly under foreclosure, her rockstar boyfriend left her for a supermodel, and her habits of partying all night, drinking to excess and taking prescription drugs get her fired from her current picture. Her only hope is to convince Joel Sutherland, her co-star and one of the movie’s producers to give her another chance.

Joel knows Marissa has talent and a sweet, submissive nature, but believes her mother and sister are a terrible influence. All she needs is a strict daddy to take her in hand and give her some firm over-the-knee discipline and loving guidance. When she shows up at his door begging for his help, he agrees to advocate for her return to the movie on one condition: she must move in with him and live as his Little until filming is complete.

Marissa submits to Joel’s dominance and seems to thrive under his structure and protection, but he isn’t sure if it’s all a ploy to stay in the movie. She is, after all, a talented actress and could be faking everything. At the end of filming, she might just pick up and walk out his front door, taking his heart with her.

Publisher’s Note:  This book contains elements of ageplay, including spanking and erotic sex scenes.

Buy Links: AMAZON, AMAZON UK, ARe, Barnes & Noble

Renee Rose / Darling Adams is a naughty author and kinkster who loves writing about hot alpha males, Dominance/submission and power exchanges. Named Eroticon USA’s Next Top Erotic Author in 2013, her books are all centered around kink.

She can be found:








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