Lisabet Sarai’s thoughts on riding bicycles

The fourth volume of Lisabet Sarai’s D&S Duos series was released last week, and it’s every bit as hot as the first three. I’m delighted to welcome Lisabet back to my blog to share the lust – sorry, love.
And I just adore that title – Like Riding a Bicycle

Young woman with shibari

Here’s the blurb

Lisabet Sarai’s D&S Duos Book 4 celebrates the thrill of sexual power and the ecstasy of surrender. In Like Riding a Bicycle, after years of vanilla marriage, a couple resumes the kinky games that first drew them together. The characters in Limbo experience the ultimate erotic connection thanks to dangerous and addictive out-of-body technology. D&S Duos Book 4 also includes bonus story Blind Obedience and a transgressive excerpt from Lisabet’s erotic thriller Bangkok Noir.

Here’s a naughty excerpt to help whet your appetite

I raise my arm, suddenly strong. The whip swishes through the air, snaps and makes a perfect landing on her right cheek. A bright red line stitches across her creamy flesh. My cock throbs in response to her pitiful wail. Taking a deep breath, I land a powerful stroke on her other globe and survey its reddening wake.

Mariah chokes back her cry of pain.

“Are you all right, Mariah? Is it too much?”

“No, sir,” she whispers. “Not at all.”

She wants this. She wants me to whip her, to push her to the limit and beyond. I bring the singletail down hard on her quivering flesh. She moans and jerks in her bonds as I paint her ass with a brilliant lattice of scarlet stripes.

I slash at her with the whip, again and again, focused and untiring. I’m in control now. I can see exactly where each stroke will land. Every so often I snap the tip against the base of the plug, making it vibrate inside her. Mariah yells and thrashes about on the bed. I don’t need to ask how she is. I can sense it. She’s here with me, deep in the moment, giving her all.

My cock torments me, swollen and aching. All at once I just have to be inside her.

The whip clatters to the floor. I kneel behind her raised buttocks, grab her hips and ram my rigid dick into her cunt. She’s hot as a furnace, wet as rain. She arches her back to give me better access. I can feel the bulk of the plug, narrowing her already tight channel. My fingernails dig into the scored flesh of her ass. I know the pain only amplifies her pleasure. Each thrust bangs against the base of the plug, forcing it deeper into her bowels.

Mariah loves it. I know she does. I remember the first time I took her in the ass, not long after we met—her ecstasy and my wonder, that she could trust me so much, so soon. I contemplate wrenching out the plug and replacing it with my cock, but her pussy just feels too damn good. She might be a mother—almost a grandmother—but Mariah’s still sleek and tight, muscular and eager, everything a man could desire.

I fuck her as hard as I can, as hard as she wants. She opens to me completely. I’m amazed and humbled by her submission—not at all like the stern Dom I’m supposed to be. I want to take her to her peak before I let go, but I can’t keep control any more. Jizz surges up my stalk and floods her pussy while a wave of pleasure sweeps me away.

I rock against her as the convulsions recede. She massages my softening cock with her inner muscles, milking the last drops of cum. She hasn’t reached her own climax, I realize—then I understand. She won’t come until I give her permission.

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About Lisabet

Brief Bio

LISABET SARAI occasionally tackles other genres, but BDSM will always be her first love. Every one of her nine novels includes some element of power exchange, while her D/s short stories range from mildly kinky to intensely perverse. Learn more at






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One thought on “Lisabet Sarai’s thoughts on riding bicycles

  1. Hello, Ashe,

    Thanks so much for featuring my new release. The story title comes from the notion that once you’ve experienced the joy and intensity of power exchange – you never really forget how to do it again.

    Looking forward to hosting you at my place on Saturday!


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