#MySexySaturday – A Spirit of Generosity

My Sexy SaturdayHello and welcome to my blog, and to the 88th sizzling week of My Sexy Saturday, the weekly blog hop where authors share seven (or so) sexy paragraphs from a published work. This week’s theme is Sexy’s Got You, Babe. It’s based on that old Sonny and Cher song, and it’s about those lovers who still have each other, whatever banana skins life chucks under their feet.

In this excerpt, from Spirit, Beth is homeless. And if that wasn’t bad enough, she has the flu. She and Matt aren’t lovers yet, but he offers her a helping hand when she’s at her lowest. A warm, dry bed and a cup of tea may not seem much, but when you have nothing, absolutely nothing at all but the clothes you are about to fall down in …

spirit cover

Here are this week’s seven paragraphs.

“I live here, in this building. I have a spare room, and it’s yours. For tonight, and a few more days too if you need it. One of my neighbours is a doctor and I’m going to get her to look at you. Then you get some sleep, a bath perhaps, and get warmed up. And tomorrow you decide what to do next. Okay?”

A flicker of hope flares. Could it be true? That this man really is harmless, that he just wants to help me? Not possible, no one would do that. Why would they? Why would he?

“I’m not, I mean, I don’t… I can’t pay you.” Despite my fear of what he might have in mind, I’m not turning down the offer of a room. When you’re out of options even the slimmest hope is something to grab on to. Desperation will do that, every time.

“I know that.”

I shake my head. He hasn’t understood. “I don’t mean money. I mean, I don’t have any cash, but I won’t, I won’t… I don’t want to pay you in any other way. I don’t do that.”

“Me neither. The offer’s there though, spare room, no strings.” His tone is low, a seductive murmur. It would be so easy to believe him, so tempting. I take a massive risk and open my eyes.

He is still there, crouching before me, at my eye level. His features are handsome, but I’d already registered that somewhere in my brain. More important, he has a kind expression, more gentle than I imagined at first. It’s something about the eyes. A deep blue, quite stunning. But are they honest? Truthful? Can I trust him?

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