#WIPITUP – A 16th century Scottish menage

wipitup22[1]Hello, and welcome to another WIP It Up Wednesday. This is the blog hop where erotic authors share snippets from works in progress, giving readers a heads up on super sexy new stuff to keep those ever-hungry kindles satisfied.
No sexy book cover yet, no buy links, just a taste of what’s brewing.
Oh, and did I mention we authors are needy sorts? We crave feedback, just so we know we’re on the right track, so please feel free to comment.
Kinky book picThis week I’m sharing another excerpt, still smoking hot from my laptop. This story is a time travel menage, where most of the action takes place in 16th century Scotland. The book is nearly finished so need inspiration for a title soon…
Here’s a taster, a little as-yet-unedited something I wrote the other day…

Robbie grins at me, an expression that lights up the darkening room, then steps away to remove his clothing too. Moments later both men are stretched out on the bed, on either side of me. Each is sporting a formidable erection and I wonder which of them will be first.
“We intend to fuck you.” Robbie, stating the obvious.
“Both of us.”
“Yes. Both.”
“At the same time.”
“Is that all you have to say, wee Jamie?”
“I don’t see how…”
“I’ll fuck your quim, and he’ll have your arse.”
Robbie places a finger across my lips to silence my questions. “Leave the how of it to us. Just say yes, Jamie.”
I hesitate, then, “Yes. Yes please.”
“Good girl. So now, straddle me.”
This part of the choreography at least I do understand. Robbie rolls over to lie flat on his back and I scramble into position, kneeling above him, one leg on either side of his hips. Will slides his hand between my legs from behind and plunges three fingers deep into my cunt.
“She’s wet, but we need more. For her arse.”
“Oil’s over there.” Robbie gestures to somewhere else in the room. Will withdraws his questing digits and goes to find whatever is needed. I’d watch him, but my gaze is riveted to Robbie’s and I’m unable to look away.
The bed shifts behind me. Will’s back, presumably with the oil.
“Lean forward to me. Lift your arse up. Will wants to see what he’s doing.”
Beyond any shred of modesty I lean forward and lay my lips across Robbie’s. Usually they instigate any kisses. Any anything, in truth. But just this once I do it.

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4 thoughts on “#WIPITUP – A 16th century Scottish menage

  1. Jamie’s getting braver… I love it! And this menage scene is simply delicious… that little scenario is one of my favourites. I bet she screams the house down!!!


  2. Very hot, indeed! I’m a new reader of yours (from Renee Rose’s recommendation on her blog). Your story telling is terrific and I am being introduced to lots of wonderful kinky stuff. Im much more of a spanko than a BDSM kind of person, but I must admit its fun having my horizons expanded.


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