#WIPItUp – Time and Tied

WIPimage12[1]Hello, and welcome to another WIP It Up Wednesday. This is the blog hop where erotic authors share snippets from works in progress, giving readers a heads up on super sexy new stuff to keep those ever-hungry kindles satisfied.
No sexy book cover yet, no buy links, just a taste of what’s brewing.
Oh, and did I mention we authors are needy sorts? We crave feedback, just so we know we’re on the right track, so please feel free to comment.
Kinky book picThis week I’m sharing another excerpt, still smoking hot from my laptop. This story is a time travel menage, where most of the action takes place in 16th century Scotland. The working title is Time and Tied, but that could change. Here’s the snippet.

Will kneels with me still in his arms. He kisses me, and I wrap my arms around his neck to cling on. I run my fingers through his thick, almost black hair which hangs loose to his shoulders. It is windswept now, but still smooth and soft to my touch. His familiar musky scent fills my nostrils as he leans forward to lower me onto my back, never once breaking the kiss.
His tongue is in my mouth, tasting and exploring, stroking. I twist mine around his, loving the sensual dance.
The late afternoon temperature is becoming chilly, but still I yearn to get naked. Not so Will it would seem as he reaches for the hem of my velvet skirts to draw the rich, ruby-coloured fabric up to my waist. I am encased in several layers of underskirts as well, and he bundles them around my waist too. The breeze is cool on my exposed legs, which I part before Will has an opportunity to ask me to.
He breaks the kiss, grinning. “Ah, lass, I do so adore your enthusiasm. Tell me what you want.”
“You know. You always know…”
“Tell me.”
“I want you to touch me. Make me come.”
“Touch you here? Your quim?” He strokes the flat of his palm across my exposed pussy.
Whilst the demands of a sixteenth century wardrobe seem somewhat obsessed with petticoats, the lack of other underwear is refreshingly liberating. I groan with pleasure and nod my head.
“Is this all? Is there anything else you’d like to ask of me, while we’re here and you’re so conveniently spread out under me?” He continues to caress my pussy, drawing his palm over and through my sensitive, moistening folds.
I nod vigorously. “I want you inside me. Fuck me. Please.”
“Now you’re rushing, my hot wee slut. And we’re in no hurry.”
“I am. Please, don’t tease me…”
“Ah but I love to tease you, surely you know that by now. Tell me what you want next.”
“I don’t know. Something, anything.”
“You can do better than that. And you’ll have to…” He slows his caress, lightening his touch until it’s barely there at all.
I writhe under him, lifting my hips in a vain attempt to create more friction, to get the stimulation my clit is throbbing to receive. He lifts his hand from me entirely, and when I would have reached to touch myself he seizes both my wrists and pins them above my head.
“Wee Jamie, you have only to ask. Don’t be difficult.”

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