#MySexySaturday – Having Faith

Hello and welcome to my blog, and to the 91st sizzling week of My Sexy Saturday, the weekly blog hop where authors share seven (or thereabouts) sexy paragraphs from a published work. This week’s theme is Sexy Today, and it’s about being sexy today, whatever your age and circumstances.

faithMy excerpt this week comes from Faith. Faith was widowed within a few months of her wedding, in tragic circumstances. She goes through a period of mourning tinged with guilt at the part she imagines she played in her husband’s death. But she starts to dream of romance again, and love, with the one man she would have least expected to be drawn to.

Here’s the excerpt. Faith has worked out what – or rather who – she wants, but still thinks her dream is unattainable. So she moves to Plan B…

Ewan is away again. I miss him. I mean, really miss him. I’m not sure exactly when he’ll be back; three or four weeks I suppose.

I’ve made a decision. I’m going to get laid. Somehow. My battery-operated approach to sexual fulfilment has kept me just about the right side of sanity over recent weeks, but it’s not enough.

I’ve stopped fooling myself, I know now that it’s Ewan I want. I also know I can’t have him, it would just be too weird. Even though I now understand more about his relationship with Caroline, and I’m getting a more balanced perspective on my own less than stellar marriage, I’m not ready for another emotional commitment.

Sex with Ewan would be emotional. It would be passionate, hot, all-consuming. My head, my heart, my body would never be quite the same again. He might be able to view relationships dispassionately, but I can’t. And this leaves me wondering about the prospect of sex without the relationship baggage, the sort of fucking that brings two people together just for pleasure, nothing more.

The sort of sex Caroline and Ewan had. I’m thinking I could get me some of that.

Ewan mentioned a club in Manchester. There must be others. I make it my business to find out. I begin my campaign by reading up on BDSM, both fact and fiction. Next, I join an online fetish community, start chatting a bit, mainly with other submissives. I say ‘other’ submissives, because based on my response to what I’ve read, I’m pretty sure that’s the side of the fence I’m on. It doesn’t take long before I get a couple of recommendations for clubs I might try, in Leeds, one in Sheffield, and of course Manchester. I decide to give Manchester a miss, even though I know Ewan is thousands of miles away. I can’t run the risk of maybe running into someone he knows, or even someone he may have fucked. Instead I invest in some slinky black leather, red Lycra, and a pair of spiky heels. I head off to Sheffield one Friday night.

The club is out of the city centre, but my satnav gets me there without too much trouble. It’s a detached house, large, imposing, surrounded by lawns and block paved parking. I sit in my car for maybe fifteen minutes, looking at the grand doorway and working hard to convince myself of the wisdom of this enterprise. I’m not entirely successful, and it takes some courage to walk up to that huge door alone, but I manage to do it.

So, wonder how this is going to go then? If you want to find out, Faith is available from

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