#SexySnippets – Damn cocky know-all Dom

Sexy Snippets logoWelcome to my blog, and to another weekend of Sexy Snippets brought to you by The Nuthouse Scribblers. This is the blog hop where each week erotic authors share seven sentences from a work in progress or published book.
labrat_800 (1)This week I’m sharing another seven sentences from my latest release, La Brat.  This excerpt picks up where my snippet last week left off. Here goes…

Eugenie’s thong joined the rest of her discarded clothing in an untidy heap beside the chair and she stepped over to position herself directly beneath the metal hoop. She found that if she stretched up she could just manage to reach it, though without her high-heeled shoes she would not have been able to. No doubt, he’d worked that out. Damned cocky know-all Dom.

Aaron came over to stand in front of her. When she would have dropped her gaze, he tipped her chin up with two fingers, forcing her to look him in the eye. Eugenie’s mouth went dry and she wished she’d accepted his offer of a drink a few minutes earlier.

La Brat is my second novel in the Totally Five Star series. To celebrate, there’s been a blog tour going on all this week and the final stop is TODAY at Bitches Be Writin. That means there’s still time – just – to enter the prize draw for a chance to win a free copy of the ebook, plus three more from my backlist.

Ashe Barker_La Brat_WebsiteBanner



La Brat is out now so you can pick up a copy on Amazon UK, Amazon US, and of course at Totally Bound.
And finally, don’t rush off without checking out the rest of the authors sharing Sexy Snippets this weekend. You’ll find them here

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