#WIPItUp – Mists of Time

WIPimage12[1]Hello, and welcome to another WIP It Up Wednesday. This is the blog hop where erotic authors share snippets from works in progress, giving readers a heads up on super sexy new stuff to keep those voracious kindles satisfied.                                                                                       No sexy book cover yet, no buy links, just a taste of what’s brewing.
Oh, and did I mention we authors are needy sorts? We crave feedback, just so we know we’re on the right track, so please feel free to comment.
Kinky book picThis week I’m sharing another excerpt, still smoking hot from my laptop, from the time travel menage I’ve been working on. I’ve just about finished it now and it should go off to my publisher in the next day or so. The working title is Mists of Time but that could change. Here’s the snippet.

“I trust you’re not attempting to defy us. You were told to keep your legs apart.” This time it’s Will who speaks, his tone stern.

I clench my buttocks, expecting a sharp slap to land at any moment. “I’m not, I swear. I’m calm again now.”

“We’ll soon put a stop to that. I think you need to be fucked. Would you agree?”

I can only nod. “Both of you at the same time, like before?”

Robbie answers me this time. “Yes, both of us. But not quite like before. We have something else in mind for you this time. Lie flat on your back again, but shift around so you’re lying across the bed, your arse at the edge.”

I comply wordlessly, then lie still, my legs bent at the knees and my feet on the carpet. I gnaw on my lower lip as I wait for something, anything, to happen. I am entirely in their control. Scared, certainly, vulnerable and helpless, but loving it too.

What did Robbie mean ‘not quite like before’?

The bed shifts again, just behind my head. Something rubs against my lips. A thumb?

“Open.” The one word command is spoken in Will’s voice, though it comes from further away, at the foot of the bed I think.

I obey, and immediately gag as something enters my mouth. It’s large, smooth, and hard. Robbie must be kneeling astride me, his solid erection now pressing into my mouth.

“Wider. Take it in.” Will’s voice again, demanding my compliance.

I open my jaws and more of the shaft slides inside. Robbie thrusts, though his movements are shallow, controlled. Even so, I start to panic. I’m underneath him, tied up, unable to control how deep I take him. I’m trapped and at their mercy.

I try to eject Robbie’s invading cock, but I can’t. If anything my struggles just make this worse. I’m thrashing my head from side to side, panic mounting as the extent of my vulnerability becomes clear.

A hand in my hair and another across my throat stop my frantic squirming. I go still, grounded at once by the dominant grip on my neck, reassured of their mastery. And of their responsibility to care for me. I can trust them, I won’t be harmed. It’s Will’s voice I hear next.

“I’m going to release your hands, so if you need us to stop you can pat the bed. Two sharp slaps on the mattress says you’ve had enough. Aye?”

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3 thoughts on “#WIPItUp – Mists of Time

  1. I think the words “Magically delicious” are most fitting here. Her vulnerability is expressed very well and also her mild bit of panic as he stretches her mouth to take him. Love the hand on her throat.


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