My Sexy SaturdayHello and welcome to my blog, and to the 92nd sizzling week of My Sexy Saturday, the weekly blog hop where authors share seven (or thereabouts) sexy paragraphs from a published work. This week’s theme is Sexy Forever, and it’s about love that’s everlasting.

redskyeatnight_800Not having  any sexy paranormals to offer you I thought this week I’d share a few paragraphs about a couple who have loved each other, and played together, for a lifetime. This excerpt is taken from Red Skye at Night.

Ann-Marie shakes her head. “My man’s always bossing someone around. Me usually. Still, ye’ll ken how that is, lass. Handy with a switch is he, our little Harry?”

I turn to her, incredulous. “I beg your pardon?”

“Ye can lose that daft expression, lass. I ken what these men’re like. I should. I’ve lived wi’ one for over seventy years.”

“What? I mean, yes, but…” Words fail me. What do you say to a ninety-three-year-old submissive who is apparently still at it? And, worse still, determined to talk about the subject? I’d have struggled to discuss it with someone my own age.

She grins at me, her eyes mischievous. I detect a distinctly wicked glint there. She’s enjoying this, having a whale of a time embarrassing me. I’m aware of the heat rising from my neck right up to my hairline.

“Och, lass, ye’ll learn. I hope ye’re not sae coy wi’ him.”

“Er, no. Well, obviously…” I struggle to drag a coherent sentence together.

“Just as well. They don’t like it. He’s whipped ye then? Spanked ye?”

I just nod.

“Thought so. How long have ye’ known our Harry?”

“A week.” Christ, is it only a week? So much has happened.

“Eh, ye move fast these days.” She smiles, not a hint of admonition in her tone. “I’d been married tae Angus nearly five years afore I let him take a switch tae my arse.


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