#WIPItUp – A little more from Mists of Time

WIPimage12[1]Hello, and welcome to another WIP It Up Wednesday. This is the blog hop where erotic authors share snippets from works in progress, giving readers a heads up on super sexy new stuff to keep those voracious kindles satisfied. No sexy book cover yet, no buy links, just a taste of what’s brewing.
Oh, and did I mention we authors are needy sorts? We crave feedback, just so we know we’re on the right track, so please feel free to comment.
Kinky book picThis week I’m sharing another excerpt from the time travel menage I finished recently. The working title is Mists of Time but that could change. Here’s the snippet.

“Your skirts, Jamie. I want your bare bottom, please.”

“Sorry,” I mumble, hurrying to lift my clothing. “I was distracted. Watching you.”

“Perhaps I can aid you in focusing.” Robbie stands behind me for a few moments, I assume to peruse my now naked buttocks, displayed for his punishment. “Can you oblige me by recalling just why you deserve to be disciplined?”

“I was rude to you. That remark about the Pope.”

“Ah yes. And in your opinion, Jamie, would a beating to your naked and quite glorious bottom be an appropriate chastisement for such a misdemeanour?” His tone is not unkind, quite the opposite. Perhaps there is room for negotiation here.

“I’m not sure. It seems a little extreme to me if I’m honest. It was just a saying. I meant no disrespect.”

“And of course, you’re accustomed to saying what you think.”

“Yes, I am.”

“I like that about you. I like to hear your tart responses, though I confess you can be a mite waspish on occasion. Even so, I’m not minded to punish you for your words alone, not unless they harm us or put you in danger. What you say to me, or to Will, in private, is between us and you’ll not be made to suffer for it.”

I turn my head to peer at him, wondering if perhaps I could lower my skirts again. This is a most vulnerable position from which to conduct what seems to be an important conversation. “So, what is this then? You, me, that thing?”

“Well, if we find ourselves in agreement that it’s not a punishment it must be something else. Any ideas, little Jamie?”

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7 thoughts on “#WIPItUp – A little more from Mists of Time

  1. Love these snippets of Mists of Time,look forward to the whole story.
    Actually…i love all your snippets,teasers and stories,so i guess you could call me your fan😎

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Love the snippet 🙂 I love the way he qualifies where/when her comments might get her punishment


  3. OOh! Not a punishment… now I’m intrigued. It is a funishment, then – and if so, I wonder what she’ll request. I do know that it’ll be smokin’ hot! 🙂


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