#SpankA2Z – E is for Erogenous

… as in erogenous zone.

A2Z-logo2015Welcome to my blog on Day 5 of the June A to Z spanking blog hop. Today is E, for erogenous zone. It’s also E for ear, as I think it’s fair to say the most powerful erogenous zone is the one between our ears.
The sexiest heroes and heroines know this. They know the magic of a sensual smile, the potency of the look that promises everything and drips with sin. They can start the juices flowing with their hands tied behind their backs, or ours – and in many cases do just that. It’s the power of suggestion, the harnessing of the imagination, the sweet tingle of anticipation. The heroes we love know this, and they press those subconscious buttons with devastating effect.
Ethan Savage in Chameleon is one of my favourite Doms, and he understands the fine art of temptation. Here’s a snippet for you to enjoy.

chameleon_800His dark, warm gaze held hers and her pussy dampened instantly. So much for her resolve to set him straight. She needed to start by having a stern word with herself, get her wayward cunt under some semblance of control.

Except that is his job.

Where did that come from? Her blush intensified as her thoughts spiralled rebelliously into the danger zone.

“Are you all right, Fleur? You look a little hot. Should I ask if the air conditioning can be adjusted?”

“No, thank you. I am fine.” Her tone seemed forced, even to her. The clink of glassware heralded the arrival of their water, so she had a few moments to re-gather her composure as Ethan poured her a glass and one for himself. She held her chilled glass between her palms, drawing on its welcome coolness to calm herself. Ethan seemed content to let her relax for the time being, though she knew he could have easily found ways to keep her off kilter. Happily, that did not seem to be his intention. Quite the reverse. In fact, he seemed to be at pains to put her at ease now.

“Did you finish off your duties in your clinic? You do have a clinic or some such thing here, I assume?”

“Yes, we do. And I did. Nothing very pressing today. I had plenty of time to shower and change.”

“I’m glad. The results are worth it.”

He ran his admiring gaze up and down her body once more, his smile soft and knowing as Fleur’s pussy dampened further. She would stain the delicate fabric of her skirt if this continued for much longer. She shifted in her seat, grateful at least that the dark purple colour she’d chosen to wear would help camouflage the worst effects of his scrutiny. For a while, at least.

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