#SpankA2Z – G is for Glamour, and Glitz

A2Z-logo2015Hello, and welcome to my blog and to the Spanking A to Z challenge. We’re at the end of the first week now, and we’ve reached G.
Chameleon_NewRelease_AsheBarker_socialmedia_00002G is for Glamour, and Glitz. And nowhere is more glamour and glitz to be found than a Totally Five Star hotel. In this excerpt from Chameleon, the first book in the TFS series, set in Marrakesh. Fleur and Ethan are enjoying the luxury of his guest riad in the hotel.

“Bath time, sweetheart.”

She snuggled in further. “I cannot. I am too tired now. Exhausted.”

Ethan just chuckled. “Allow me.” He pulled her across his body and in one lithe motion rolled from the bed with her in his arms. Fleur gave a little shriek and grabbed him around his neck. She clung on, though he would not have dropped her. Not for the world. He carried her into the adjacent bathing area and simply strode down the steps into the bath of scented water. He sat, Fleur still cradled in his arms, as the warm ripples washed over them both. She let out a soft moan of appreciation as the fragrant swells lapped around them, loosening her death grip on his neck.

Ethan took advantage of the moment to turn her so that her back touched his chest, his arms under hers, his hands clasped around her waist to hold her steady. He smiled as her small toes broke the foaming surface, a sure sign that she felt safe and secure in his grasp.

Neither spoke for several minutes, though an occasional sigh or shiver confirmed to Ethan that she appreciated his attention to her comfort. This was a pleasant enough way to round off an evening of perfect sensuality, but he had his practical side too. He fully intended a repeat performance in the morning, so he could do with Fleur not being too stiff or sore to respond with the enthusiasm he might hope for. A warm bath now would pay dividends later. And it really was very nice to simply lie here and hold her.

At last, Fleur turned in his arms. She trailed a row of kisses along his chin, finally reaching his mouth when he dipped his head to help her.

“I want to sleep. May I go to your bed now?”

Shit! His balls leapt to attention, his cock only fractionally behind. His intentions were clear, his planning meticulous, but the sweet submissiveness of the request was almost his undoing. Despite her obvious fatigue, it was all he could do not to lift her onto his dick right there and then and fuck her again. Hard. He didn’t do that, though. Didn’t even suggest it.

Instead, he listened as a voice, which must have been his, said “Yes, of course.”

chameleon_800If you want to read more of Ethan and Fleur, Chameleon is available wherever you like to buy your ebooks.                                                                                 Amazon US    Amazon UK   All Romance   Kobo   Barnes & Noble  Totally Bound
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