#SpankA2Z – J is for Jane

A2Z-logo2015Hello and welcome to Day 10 of the June A to Z spanking blog hop. Today, J is for Jane. And for Jealousy

Jane Browne is one of my very favourite heroines, and possibly the one I’m most jealous of. She’s sassy and courageous, and embodies my wildest fantasies about being carried off by a sexy, swashbuckling pirate, rescued then ravished. All seriously drool-worthy stuff.
rightofsalvage_800Here’s an excerpt from Jane’s story, Right of Salvage. She’s experiencing her first spanking from her buccaneer captor, Captain Rob Hawke.

Her orgasm was quick, just a few moments at best, rushing at her, unstoppable. Her body was gyrating, shuddering under his hands as the sensations faded, and she lay still across his lap. Only then did he pull his fingers from her pussy, though he still held her buttocks apart to admire her swollen, red cunt. At last, she seemed to regain her senses, her awareness of her position, and his. And what he was looking at so closely.

“I fear you may be staring at me, Sir. That is not very polite.”

He smiled to himself at her impertinent attitude. A good sign, a sign of growing confidence, a sign that she was perhaps feeling safe after all.

“I’m admiring you. Your pussy is truly the sweetest thing I have seen in a long time, Mrs Browne. I intend to become very well acquainted with it. You should know, too, I have no intention at all of being polite.”

“Yet you will require me to be…?”

“I will indeed. Might that be a problem for you, do you think?”

“I— No, Sir. I do intend to try.”

“Excellent. Because now you know what your reward will be. So we can move on, I think. Ten slaps should be sufficient to teach you a lesson in honesty and good manners. Are you ready?”

Jane’s response came in the form of a sharp nod, and Rob made no further ado. His first spank, delivered to the crest of her right buttock, was hard and sharp and dragged a squeal of startled surprise from her.

“Oh! Sir!”

“Jane? Remember your kitten. Or lie still and accept. Your choice.”

She went still. Unable to contain his wide grin, Rob delivered the next swat, and the next. Each one was met by a startled squeak. A squeal of pain, yes, but more besides. Excitement? Arousal? Acceptance? He reached five, and was delighted to see her beautiful arse now pinkening delicately. Ten would be just right. He continued, landing each stroke just below the last and alternating between her left and right buttocks. Jane was no longer squealing, though he felt the grip of her fingers around his ankle as she clung on to him. He would never have let her fall in any case, but if it helped…

The final slap reverberated around the small cabin, then the only sound was Jane’s laboured breathing. Rob let her lay still, caressing her delicate bottom with his palm. He was gentle but her skin was hot. Though she didn’t protest he knew she was sore. Not terribly so, but she had felt that spanking. And had weathered it perfectly. She was ready.

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I hope you enjoyed this snippet, and that you’re having as much fun with the Spanking A to Z as I am. Don’t forget to check out some of the other A-Z blog-hoppers. To find the list Click here

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