#SpankA2Z – N is for Now You See Me

A2Z-logo2015Hello and welcome to Day 14 of the June A to Z spanking blog hop. Today I’m doing N, and sticking with my theme from yesterday I thought I’d share another review I wrote for a book I particularly liked.

NYSMNow You See Me by Pamela L. Todd is part of Totally Bound’s What’s Her secret? imprint. The story is set in Edinburgh too, which is another reason for loving it. Here’s the review…

Wow! Sexy plot, fast-paced, with an alpha hero to die for ….

…although leading lady Jo hopes it won’t come to that.

Now You See Me is set in Edinburgh, one of my favourite cities in the UK so that was a plus point straight away. I recognised the quiet sophistication of New Town and could easily visualise the elegant townhouse where Jo responds to an ad for a room to rent. There are lots of references to locations in the city, which makes the story seem more authentic.

Nate owns the house, and even though there has been a mix up about the rent he still lets Jo have the tenancy. It’s clear he doesn’t need the money, but his real reason for renting out space in his home does not emerge until much later.

Nate is my favourite sort of alpha. At first he comes across as aloof and rather private. He has his own space and expects Jo to remain in hers. Under the sexy, stern exterior though lurks a seriously squishy centre. And he comes out with some insanely sexy lines. My personal favourite… “You’re f****** beautiful when you come.” That would have me every time.

Jo has a past, a murky past which she is trying desperately to escape. Her fears colour everything she does, and she is permanently on standby to bolt at a moment’s notice. Nate and his family make that harder and harder for her to contemplate, and as the tension builds it’s clear something has to snap. When it does, the climax is terrifying, and so well written I felt I was actually there experiencing at all with Jo.

The two central characters make the book, but they are backed up by a strong supporting cast. Suze, Nate’s sister, is scatty but lovely. Tilly, Suze’s toddler is just adorable. The baby’s preoccupation with the inner cardboard tubes of wrapping paper was just spot on.

This is a book charged with emotion, and some of the most touching scenes involve the non-human characters – Cat, the stray who adopts Jo, and Ace, her German Shepherd puppy.

The sex scenes are plentiful, and hot. Right from the start the connection between Nate and Jo crackles, their attraction is unstoppable, and they christen just about every room in Nate’s house. The action on the kitchen island is particularly steamy.

I gave this book five well-earned stars for the fast pace, the gripping plot and the sheer sensuality of the relationship between Jo and Nate. If you like a book to offer hot sex underpinned by a solid storyline, this is for you. Heartily recommended.

I hope you enjoyed this snippet, and that you’re having as much fun with the Spanking A to Z as I am. Don’t forget to check out some of the other A-Z blog-hoppers. To find the list Click here



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