#SpankA2Z – T is for Turkish Delight

A2Z-logo2015Hello and welcome to Day 20 of the June A to Z spanking blog hop. Today it’s T for Turkish Delights, and I’m sharing a review I did recently for a fabulous and exotic MMM story.

Turkish DelightsTurkish Delights by Trina Lane is part of Totally Bound’s Totally Five Star series (how’s that for a whole bundle of Ts?)

I was delighted to be invited to do a peer review of the second book in Totally Bound’s Totally Five Star series. Trina Lane’s Turkish Delights picks up in İstanbul where Chameleon left off in Marrakesh and does an excellent job of carrying the torch forward.

This time the story centres around the construction of one of the luxury chain’s flagship hotels, and the scorching relationship which develops between three men involved in the project. Garret is the project manager, the guy with an eye for detail who makes sure everything happens, on time, on budget. Kyle is the creative architectural genius who transforms whimsical fancy into bricks and mortar (or in this case marble and gold). Emir is the local artisan whose skilled fingers can tease the most stubborn granite to deliver up its sensual secrets. Put them together and these three create the most magical chemistry, both on site and off.

MMM is not the genre I usually gravitate towards, but Ms Lane has converted me. I absolutely loved this story which charts the growing attraction between three very different men, thrown together on a project which just draws them in. Garret has convinced himself it would be a mistake to mix business and pleasure – and he’s under no illusion about the wealth of delight offered by his sexy architect colleague. He refuses to act on their mutual attraction though, until Emir the Turkish craftsman gives him the nudge he needs. But as soon as the floodgates are opened all three are caught up in the surge of heat as their threesome just combusts.

A three-way relationship takes some explaining in my view. The dynamic is complex, and the sexual choreography even more so. Ms Lane manages all that and with bells on as she takes us through the delicate but steady growth of their attachment to each other. These men are in love. There are no favourites, no twosomes with a third tagged on. All three are in it together, their connections different but inter-dependent and always fulfilling. The story charts a period of a couple of years, and in that time there are inevitable separations. The two left behind cope, they make love, but they are incomplete without their third.

The sex scenes are hot, then become hotter still as the trust between Garret, Kyle and Emir grows. Ms Lane’s descriptions are explicit, and lovers of this genre will not be disappointed. One scene towards the end still has me fanning myself! You’ll know what I mean when you get there.

As well as smoking hot sex and three insanely sexy heroes Ms Lane also does justice to one of my personal favourite locations. I can’t count the number of times I’ve visited Turkey over the years and she manages to capture the essence of a modern yet deeply traditional country. I also appreciated the accurate use of the Turkish language, including some fine formatting to retain the integrity of the Turkish alphabet.

Garret, Kyle and Emir come from different countries. They speak different languages and come from vastly different cultural backgrounds. Communication is no problem for them though. All are thoroughly modern males of the twenty first century, but their lifestyle is not one that would be accepted everywhere. I spent a lot of the book fearing for their shared HEA, but in the end a very satisfying conclusion was arrived at.

If you like the MM or MMM erotic genre, then Turkish Delights will be a rare treat and not to be missed. Even if, like me, it’s not your usual fodder, I’d still say give it a go anyway for the great story-telling and stellar writing. I suspect it would not be your last venture into MMM – it won’t be mine.

A well-earned five stars.

I hope you enjoyed this snippet, and that you’re having as much fun with the Spanking A to Z as I am. Don’t forget to check out some of the other A-Z blog-hoppers. To find the list Click here

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