Shared by the Highlanders – with an X-rated excerpt

Top 100Shared by the Highlanders is still riding high on Amazon’s erotic/historical chart, so a massive thank you to everyone who has bought it already, and an extra big hug for the glorious five star reviews! The book was a dream to write, and I’m so glad readers are enjoying it too. If you haven’t got yours yet it’s available from Amazon US   Amazon UK  Barnes and Noble  All Romance

Here’s an 18+ excerpt…

At twenty four years old I’m no blushing virgin and this is not the first time I’ve undressed for an appreciative male audience, but never more than one man. Not a natural exhibitionist, this is far from easy for me though not the sheer impossibility I might have considered it only yesterday. There’s something natural and unexpectedly right about undressing in front of these two. Will and Robbie seem to complement each other and both are equally sensitive to my feelings in the matter.

I stand, look each in the eye, my gaze shifting from one to the other. Robbie winks at me, then pulls his shirt over his head. He is naked beneath, and very aroused. He moves around to stand behind me, then lifts my hair in his hands. He bends to kiss the nape of my neck, a gesture which causes me to shiver in delighted anticipation.

“So, wee Charlie, will we be rid of this then?” He slides his fingers under the wide strap of my bra, tugging on the stretchy fabric.

“Yes, I’m sorry, I just…” I angle my elbows to fumble behind me for the fastenings.

“Let me. I expect I can fathom this out, given time.” Despite the unfamiliar tiny hooks Robbie only requires a few seconds, and my bra falls loose around my breasts. I catch it, then discarding any remaining modesty I drop it onto the ground with the rest of my clothes. I place my fingers in the waistband of my bikini briefs, but Will shakes his head.

“No, lass. That pleasure is mine.”

He nods to Robbie, whose embrace tightens around me. I frown, uncertain what comes next, but get no opportunity to voice my hesitation before Robbie slides an arm under my knees and lifts me in his arms. He carries me to the plaids in two long strides and kneels down. Then he turns me to face Will and arranges me against his chest. I am leaning back, resting on Robbie’s body, my legs stretched in front of me. His solid erection is nudging my lower back, a constant reminder of his arousal though he seems ready to ignore it. I suspect I’ll struggle to do so.

“Lift your hands, little one and place them behind my neck. You’ll not object if Will ties your wrists together will you?”

I’m startled. I’d thought we were beyond all that. “There’s no need to tie me up again. Really, I won’t struggle or anything. I’m happy to be here, doing this…”

“We know, and if you want us to stop, or release your hands, you have but to say it. There’s no force here, this is just for fun. So, we proceed, aye?”

I’m still uncertain of what is to happen, but I trust Robbie and Will so my answer is a simple one. I nod, and echo his word. “Aye.” Then I lift my hands to cross my wrists behind Robbie’s neck.

Will produces a kerchief and ties my hands together with a deft series of knots. Despite my agreement this is all new to me and I might have still been a little disconcerted but my attention is somewhat distracted by Robbie’s warm hands on my breasts, lifting and kneading my curves. He takes both my nipples between his fingers and thumbs and squeezes, causing me to arch in a mixture of startled pain and sensual vulnerability. Bound and stretched out like this my breasts are his – theirs – to torment or tease as they wish. And Robbie is absolutely right, it is fun. I find my vulnerability extraordinarily arousing, my pussy spasming hard as the pressure increases on my swollen tips.

“Oh, Robbie, I… Oh!” I lay my head back against his chest and relax into it.

“Good girl. Now, we don’t need these any more do we?” Will moves back to kneel in front of me and removes his shirt too. He is now as naked as Robbie, and every bit as aroused. Both men are generously endowed, and I know a moment of panic at the thought of either of those perfect cocks stretching me. It’s to be Will though, both are agreed on that.

“Be easy, love. This is for your pleasure as much as ours. Maybe more so. If we hurt you, you may tell us and we’ll stop. Or slow down. Do you trust us?” Robbie’s tone is a seductive murmur in my ear. His breath brushes my cheek as he lowers his face to mine. He kisses my temple. I turn my face to his, and he brushes his lips along mine. I open my mouth, and he dips just the tip of his tongue inside, drawing it around the insides of my lips.

I gasp, then jerk involuntarily as Will draws my briefs slowly down. I lift my hips to help him, then offer no resistance as he parts my thighs. I close my eyes and allow my body to respond as it will.

“I like this, sweet Charlie. So smooth, so pretty.” Will draws the backs of his knuckles over my hairless mound, the soft caress almost reverent. He continues on to trail his fingers across my pussy lips, though he doesn’t part them yet. I have no doubt he will though, and soon. Not soon enough for me.

I thrust my hips toward him, the movement unconscious, signifying my need. I’m still self-conscious, but lust is fast dispelling any residual modesty.

“So eager, little one. But there’s no hurry. We have all this fine day to spend here, on you.” Robbie’s words are whispered into my ear as Will at last uses his thumbs to spread the entrance to my pussy wide.

Here are the back cover bits…

After she becomes lost in a thick mist while hiking near the borders of Scotland, Charlene Kelly is shocked to encounter two men on horseback. To her horror, the pair—both of whom are dressed in Scottish tartans—accost her and won’t let her go. Though the men speak with accents so strong they seem to come from another era, Charlene is able to gather that they believe she is a thieving boy. Unsure what else to do, Charlene plays along.

When Will Sinclair and Robbie MacBride discover that their captive is in fact a woman—and quite a beautiful one at that—there is only one thing to be done. She must be punished for her deception, and punished thoroughly. A switch applied to her bare bottom does the job well, and soon enough the two men are comforting Charlene as she nurses her bright red, sore backside.

Upon learning that the highlanders are hand-carrying an important message from Elizabeth of England to the court of Mary, Queen of Scots, it finally dawns on Charlene that she is no longer in her own time. Though she is desperate to find a way home, Will and Robbie are both unlike any man she has ever met, and their unabashed dominance awakens in her a powerful need to submit. Soon enough, she finds herself blushing with shame and quivering with desire as she is taken long and hard by two rugged highlanders at once. But can these hardened warriors keep her safe from the perils of a world far more dangerous than the one she left behind?

Publisher’s Note: Shared by the Highlanders is an erotic romance novel that includes spankings, sexual scenes including threesomes, anal play, elements of BDSM, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.


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