#WIPItUp – First Impressions

wipitup22[1]Welcome to my blog, and to another WIP It Up Wednesday where authors share excerpts from their works in progress. Please feel free to comment – we love feedback, and it’s great to know if we’re on the right track.
AlnmouthMy current WIP is set in Alnmouth, a gorgeous coastal village in Northumberland, northern England. I was there this weekend and couldn’t resist a detour to see if the place is still as atmospheric as I remembered. It was, as this picture shows.
Anyway, the story is tentatively titled First Impressions, though I am pretty sure that will change. In this taster Aidan is considering some modernisations to his home and is showing the contractor round, explaining his requirements for improvements to his attic ‘playroom’. I should add, George is short for Georgina.

“Oh! What is this stuff?” She knew full well what she was looking at, but felt compelled to ask anyway.
“This is my play room. I bring guests here from time to time.”
“Yes, always women.” His tone was low, and although he did not touch her now George was intensely aware of Aidan’s presence right behind her.
“You – hurt them?” George’s attention was fixed on the St Andrew’s cross which dominated the centre oft the room. A spanking bench was situated away to one side, and a stark looking double bed at the other. It had just a mattress, covered in a clean, white sheet. Pillows were piled alongside, on the bare floor. Most of the wall opposite her was covered in rows of hooks, from which hung implements of all sorts. Paddles, straps, whips, a vast selection of canes. There were ropes too, and cuffs in various colours and sizes arranged on a shelf. George said nothing more, just stood still, taking in the details.
Restraints were attached to the four bedposts, and several large rings were suspended from beams in the ceiling at various positions around the room. There were some on the walls too. More items were partly concealed beneath the bed, a collection of straps and buckles, and she caught sight of a length of chain. The floor was of polished wood, though several mats were scattered about. He likes his guests to be comfortable then?
“I do cause pain, but only with permission. The women who come here like what I do to them.”
George had no doubt of that. None at all. Her pussy had started to clench the moment she entered and saw the equipment and implements. Her underwear was already soaked. Christ, if only Jake had possessed a fraction of the inclination Aidan Blake clearly did, she might have forgiven him his other failings.
But there again…
“Who? Who do you bring here? You have a – girlfriend?” Was that the correct term?
“Not a girlfriend as such, though I never lack for company if I want it. When I want it.”
Well, no, he wouldn’t. Aidan Blake was one of the most attractive men she had ever encountered, and he clearly possessed an enviable range of skills. Women would be queuing three deep on the stairs.

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