Who can resist a sexy conductor, especially one who knows how to handle his baton?

I’m delighted to have my great friend Jaye Peaches back on my blog today, sharing a seductive little excerpt from her latest release, Perfect Notes. This one certainly had me humming along  – and check out that gorgeous cover!
Now, over to you Jaye.
Hi Ashe, it’s always great to stop by your blog.
You’re welcome anytime.
perfectnotes_800As somebody with a musical background I couldn’t resist writing a tale of domination and submission involving two musicians. Callie is an amateur clarinettist whilst Stefan is a conductor who has invited Callie to his house for private tuition and extras. While Callie has been in the shower, Stefan has hidden her clothes.

“Lost your appetite?” He leaned back in his chair, tossing his napkin on the table. He slipped his hands behind his head and stared directly at me, expectantly. Crunch time. Lunch was over.

“It’s delicious. Really good, Stefan.” I smiled.

I uncrossed my legs and the robe slipped down my thighs. A waft of cold air swirled about my ankles. I put down my fork. My trembling hand had betrayed me. How quickly I succumbed. Doubts in the shower washed down the plughole and dismissed.

“Do you want to play the clarinet?”

I shook my head. The edges of the robe drifted farther apart and my cleavage showed.

“Take you home?” He leaned forward, pushing his plate to one side then resting his elbows on the table. A keen look.

My pulse increased.

My answer came without thought. Another act of impulsive Callie. I gave my shoulders a little twist and the robe easily descended. It slithered down my arms, uncovering my breasts and baring my erect nipples.

“I’m taking you to bed.” Stefan stood and held out his hand. “Then, I might give you your clothes back.”

I rose, took his offered hand and abandoned the robe on the chair. I walked behind him, naked, as he led me toward the spiral staircase—a meek little woman with her sex on fire. I followed and didn’t look back. My clarinet remained on the piano. I hoped she didn’t mind.

Stefan flung back the covers and with a nudge, pushed me onto the bed. I expected him to strip and ravish me without compunction. The pace changed, the urgency of our initial coupling unnecessary. He leisurely stripped, giving me no indication of where my clothes might be as he laid his on a nearby chair. I reclined on my side and he came to join me. I stared at his erection—big, ready, heavenly. I wanted it inside me.

He ran his hand down my arm, over my curved hip, and stopped at my thigh. He gave it a light squeeze.

“I love this body.”

“You do?” Unable to hide my surprise.

He raised his eyebrows. “Why wouldn’t I?”

“I’m skinny.”

“No, you’re not. I found plenty of flesh to handle. These thighs, biker’s legs, I like them. Muscular and shapely.”

I blushed. “I don’t have big breasts.”

“Liebling.” He shook his head, shifted his hand and surrounded a breast. “No, they aren’t. They’re just right.” I noted his large palm didn’t look out of place, since my breast hadn’t vanished into it. Rather, his hand cupped it gently and quite perfectly. “Big tits are overrated.”

“And my hair.” I flicked at a loose strand. It always irritated me how it hung limply and without shape.

He eased up on an elbow, looking down. “If your hair is unruly, mine is a disaster.”

That comment made me smile. I reached up and touched his curly locks. “Just needs to be a bit shorter, that’s all.” I twirled it about between my fingers.

“So, you clearly have self-image problems.”

“No, I don’t,” I recoiled, dropping my hand. “I just… You’re a good-looking man and I’m…modest. Average.”

“Touché, self-image problems. I think you’re beautiful. My Mausi.” He loomed over me, closer, eyes bearing down.

My heartbeats ramped up. “Mausi?”

“My little mouse,” he murmured, lowering his lips.

“Then who are you?”

“Me?” he sighed, pausing.

I witnessed a fleeting sad expression.

“Eine gefährliche Fuchs.”

I knotted my eyebrows.

He seemed pensive, as if regretting his words. “You’ll have to look it up.”



Callie is all he desires—the tonic for his dominance. But to fulfill their dreams, she must succumb to his passions.

Amateur clarinetist Callie turns up for an orchestra rehearsal following a six-week absence to find a new conductor in residence—Stefan, a charismatic man with ambitions of being a composer. After he gives her a lift home, he invites her to his house for a practice session. What begins as a music lesson ends with a passionate display of dominance by Stefan.

As their sexual affair blossoms, Callie is increasingly drawn to find out more about her aspiring composer and why he is a potent lover in the bedroom. When she turns up unexpectedly at his house, she is shocked to find him in the company of a naked woman. Horrified to think that he might have betrayed her, she calls an end to their relationship, but persistent Stefan begs for a second chance.

Encouraged by her boss to resolve her feelings toward Stefan, Callie seeks out a friend of his, hoping to understand what drives him to dominate, but the given explanation creates more unresolved issues for Callie. Determined to seek out the truth, she plans to confront Stefan. But by then, he has gone abroad. Callie must make a decision—cash in her savings and follow Stefan, or banish him from her life. If she does the latter, she will never understand the nature of the intense emotions he has awakened within her. Does she dare to love him?


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More about Jaye:

Exploring the world of BDSM and romantic kinky lifestyles has been a passion of Jaye Peaches – to portray the desires beyond the erotic sexual encounters and unearth the personalities that lie beneath. Having written short stories and read many books, she issued a challenge to herself and decided to write her own novels of Domination and submission. By exploring the issues in a fictional context, whether in the bedroom or 24/7, now or in the past, she hopes to show how loving and fulfilling such relationships can be to those involved.

When not writing, Jaye is busy spending time with her family, enjoying music, sometimes composing or drawing and if the weather allows, gardening.

Jaye lives in NW England.

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Thanks for visiting me, Jaye. Perfect Notes looks superb. Who can resist a sexy conductor with penchant for kink?


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