#SaturdaySpankings – Welcome to the Dark Side, Miss Byrne

Sat Spanks logoWelcome to my blog, and to another selection of Saturday Spankings. This is the blog hop where spanking authors share snippets from something hot and sizzly to brighten up the weekend.
Just for a change this week I want to share a blast from the past. This snippet is from my very first ever book. I wrote The Dark Side about three years ago, and I think Nathan Darke is still my favourite uber-sexy Dom. And I love this sensual cover too.


Here are my eight sentences.Well, slightly  more, but some are very short. Honest.

“I’m not finished with you yet. Stay there.”

More? How wonderful.

His voice is low, seductive and commanding. I stay still. Waiting. He straightens, steps away from me, goes over to his desk. He returns a moment later, gently pulling my underwear down to my ankles. “Step out.” His command is clear. I obey.

“You have a beautiful bottom, Miss Byrne,” he observes, trailing his fingertips lightly down the furrow between my buttocks, then tracing the line of each lower curve before bringing something down on me—hard, sharp, fierce. I scream out loud, with shock more than pain, though the sting is real enough. Instinctively I start to stand up, but his hand goes to the small of my back, pressing me back down.

promotion-Ashe Barker_TheDarkSide

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7 thoughts on “#SaturdaySpankings – Welcome to the Dark Side, Miss Byrne

  1. Okay, now you’ve got me wondering. He’s not calling her by her first name and yet what they are doing is very intimate. Makes me curious as to their relationship. Sexy snippet, Ashe.


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