#WIPItUP – More First Impressions

wipitup22[1]Welcome to my blog, and to another WIP It Up Wednesday where authors share excerpts from their works in progress. Please feel free to comment – we love feedback, and it’s great to know if we’re on the right track.
My current WIP is set in Alnmouth, a gorgeous coastal village in Northumberland, northern England. It was recently described by the New Statesman as one of the Top 10 most desolate places in the UK. Not sure I agree with that, but it’s certainly atmospheric. Here’s a picture to help set the scene.
Alnmouth (New Statesman)
The story features Aidan, a hot IT expert and George, a female plumber who gets to grips with his pipework, so to speak.
The story is tentatively titled First Impressions, though that could change. Here’s the excerpt…

A sharp knock on his door suggested dinner was about to be served. He went to answer the it.
It was not his pizza, but he wasn’t disappointed.
“George, now this is a surprise. And a pleasant one. You look beautiful.” He ran his appreciative gaze down the length of her body, clad in a calf-length cocktail dress in a soft shade of olive green. The fabric draped seductively around her hips, the neckline was scooped just enough to reveal the first hint of her breasts, and the sleeves covered her elbows. Her shoes were a plain black leather, but the heels were high enough to count as the fuck-me type. Just. The outfit could hardly have been described as overtly sexy, well, apart from the shoes. It was though. The affect was incredibly sensual and Aidan’s cock responded immediately. All thoughts of chicken and peppers were driven from his head as he took in the sight.
“May I come in?”
“Of course. You have a key, you could have let yourself in.” He stepped back to allow her to pass him and come inside.
“I didn’t like to. That’s for work. I’m … I’m not here to work.”
“I can see that. You’re here to be spanked. Yes?” Might as well get straight to the point.
She reddened, but managed to look him in the eye as she replied. “Yes. Is that all right? I mean, if you were going out or anything…?”
“No, George, I’m not going out. Even if I were I’d change my plans for you. Have you eaten?”
“No, I wasn’t hungry when we got back from the pool.”
“Ah, yes, you went swimming. Where is Lily now?”
“With my mother. I need to pick her up in couple of hours, but I thought that might be long enough for, well you know what for.”
He nodded. He knew exactly what for. And how long it might take. “Did you? Yes, I think I could bring your bottom up to a very fetching shade of pink in that time. I take it then that you’ve thought over what I told you earlier.”
“Yes, I have. I’ve thought of nothing much else, actually. And now…”
“Now you’re back—” Another knock at the door interrupted him. “Ah, that’ll be my pizza delivery. Do you like chicken, George?”
“Yes, but…”
“Take a seat. We eat first, then you can lay yourself across my lap and I’ll treat you to your first erotic spanking. I hope they remembered to send the coleslaw.”

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6 thoughts on “#WIPItUP – More First Impressions

  1. I love that you provided a picture of where your story takes place. It definitely makes the story easier to picture in my head. Great snippet!

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