#MySexySaturday – A little bit of Faith

My Sexy SaturdayWelcome to my blog, and thank you for dropping in on Week 102 of My Sexy Saturday. This is the bloghop where erotic authors share seven scorching words, sentences or paragraphs to spread a little love at the weekend.
This week our theme is A Very Sexy Time so I’m sharing seven paragraphs from Faith a novel I released a few months ago. 
Following her husband’s sudden, tragic death, Faith is left widowed after only six months of marriage. She wallows in grief until a neighbour, Ewan, reaches out to her. Although his work takes him away a great deal, Ewan slowly becomes Faith’s rock, helping her heal and encouraging her as she struggles to rebuild her life. As time passes, Faith grows more and more attracted to Ewan, but one thing holds her back: he is a dom, and she is not ready to be a sub.
Here are the seven (or so) paragraphs, and one very sexy cover.


“Right now, I want you under me, naked, screaming my name.”

“I see.”

He shifts his arm to fix me with a hard glare. “I don’t think you do. If you did see, you’d be scrambling up the stairs now flinging your clothes in every direction.”

“Like this?” I stand up, pull my T shirt over my head and drop it on his face before reaching behind me to unhook my bra.

“You’ve got the idea.” He tosses my T shirt aside and sits up to drag his own over his head. Then he reaches for his jeans and shoves them down. I take that as my cue to start the scrambling he mentioned. I head for the stairs, loosening the button on my skirt as I go. By the time I reach the top I’m only wearing my knickers. I hook my thumbs into the waistband and would lose them too but I’m grabbed from behind and lifted from the floor. Ewan carries me along the landing to his bedroom and marches inside with me in his arms. He drops me on the bed and throws himself down next to me.

“Now lose the pants and spread your legs.”

“What? No foreplay?”

He grins. “Some say it’s over-rated, but since you seem so keen…” He rolls on top of me, then slithers down the bed until his chin is level with my stomach. He dips his tongue into my navel, swirling it around. It tickles and I arch under him.

“Keep still.”

“Or else what? Will you tie me up?” Oh. My. God. It’s one thing saying that to Ed, quite another when I’m about to be fucked by an experienced, accomplished dom who probably ties women to his bed as a matter of course.

Ewan eyes me, from somewhere down by my lower belly now. “Not on this occasion. But soon.”

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