Check out this sizzling new book by Aubrey Cara – Candi’s Debt

I’m delighted to be welcoming a guest to my blog today. Aubrey Cara has a toe-curling hero to introduce, and a feisty heroine. And one seriously hot, X-rated excerpt. Take it away, Aubrey.


Hi, Ashe
Thanks for inviting me over! Today, I’ve brought along hunky Hank, and his sweet princess, Candi from my new book Candi’s Debt. In a bid to protect her brother, Candi finds herself in hot water with some very dangerous men. Hank may not know all the facts, but what he does know is Candi needs the type of firm handed guidance only he can provide. This scene takes place after Hank catches Candi stealing orgasms.

“Kneel on the bed and put that pretty ass up in the air for daddy,” I say. I can see the indecision on her face. Nervous trepidation is quickly replacing arousal.

She glances at the doorway like she’s thinking about escape and I turn her around, giving her still red, swollen bottom a swift spank. She looks back at me all wounded and pouty, but she scrambles up on the bed, all long limbs and rocking curves.

“Was that so hard?” I ask.


I smile as I open the package. I had gotten a slim jeweled plug. Once she gets used to it, the plug won’t cause that much discomfort as way of stretching. However, I’m pretty sure she’s a novice to this sort of thing and will be embarrassingly aware of a plug of any size occupying her nether hole.

Rather than pulling out the lube I take my time running the plug up and down her shiny wet slit. Her pussy really is so damn gorgeous. It’s swollen and puffy and as I sink the plug inside her warm cunt I nearly groan thinking about how it would feel to have my cock there. I’m jealous of the plug and watch avidly as I pull it out and slowly push it back in, coating it well in her honey. Running my fingers through her juices, I paint her bottom hole. She whimpers low in her throat and tries to shift forward as I push at her rosette with the tip of the plug.

“No ma’am. Push out for daddy, and take the whole thing.” I say gently working the plug into her virgin hole. When she bears down, I push more firmly and she jumps a little with a squeak as the plug settles.

“Oh god,” she says. She buries her face in the quilt as a bit of her cum dribbles down her thigh. Jesus, but this girl is perfect.

“Daddy is so proud of you,” I say running my hands down her smooth back as I stare at the blue jewel winking up at me between her striped cheeks, right above the most delectable, dripping pussy I’ve ever seen. My dick twitches at all the things I want to do to this girl. Starting with sinking into her mouth.

“Come on princess,” I say pulling her up off the bed.

“It’s uncomfortable,” she says looking up at me with her luminous baby blues. Her fingers tangle in the fabric of my t-shirt and I’m struck by how casually sexy the move is.

I grab one of her hands, flattening her palm over my cock.

“That’s the point,” I say kissing her forehead. I really do love how tall she is. Cupping her face in one hand I take her mouth as I mold her hand around my cock. I love how she whimpers as her tongue tangles with mine.

I’m surprised when she pulls back and bites her lip as she sinks to her knees, her eyes locked on mine. She fumbles my pants open, her hands are shaking as she pulls my cock free. When it falls out in front of her she looks away from me and stares at it like she’s never seen a fucking dick in person before, but I know she has. Even knowing that, the innocently fascinated look she’s shooting my cock still makes me swell even larger. She’s so fucking beautiful, all big eyes and waves of blonde hair tumbling down her back.

Starting at the base she licks all the way to the top. She stares at the precum dripping from my tip for a second before tentatively rubbing her lips over it. Mouth glistening with my cum she looks up at me and licks her fucking lips, her eyes rolling closed like my taste is heavenly to her or something. It’s the single most erotic thing a chick has ever done to my cock and I fight the urge to shove in her mouth. The sight of her on her knees in front of me as she licks at my dick like a fucking kitten, is killing me.

Here’s the back cover stuff…


The men in my family are gamblers, cheats, and thieves. They aren’t loyal to anyone but themselves. It’s the Dawson way. My oldest brother was killed for sticking to that tradition.

I refuse to let that happen to my little brother. He’s all I have in this world and I’ll do anything to save him.

His debts are now mine, and I always pay my debts.

Now if a certain ape leader would get out of my way, things would go much more smoothly.


I swore never to return to Texas. But here I am, wading neck deep into shit creek. I’m not even getting paid for this crap.

And Candi? She has more secrets than sense and represents everything I try to avoid. I’m not sure how I got tangled up with her in the first place. I have no business getting involved with a woman like her. She needs to be saved from herself.

I don’t have a white knight complex, and this girl needs a savior. I can’t be that guy.



More about Aubrey Cara
Aubrey Cara likes it sweet n’ dirty—romance that is. She adores writing about kinky characters finding their one true naughty soul mate to love, cherish, and get freaky with. Aubrey resides in Coastal GA with her wonderful husband, superhero kid, two hand-me-down dogs, and a fish that has survived against all odds. When she’s not writing you can find her sewing costumes, repairing leaky faucets and dodging the PTA.








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