#MySexySaturday – Brit Boys: On Boys

My Sexy SaturdayWelcome to my blog, and thank you for dropping in on Week 105 of My Sexy Saturday. This is the bloghop where erotic authors share seven scorching words, sentences or paragraphs to spread a little love at the weekend.
This week the theme is My Sexy Boyfriend, a perfect opportunity to share an excerpt from the Brit Boys : On Boys collection which is on special offer this week only. You can grab the whole boxset – that’s eight sizzling MM erotic novellas – for just 99p.
The sale runs from 13 – 20 August, so don’t hang about!
Here are seven paragraphs from my story in the set, Bodywork.

Graham reaches across me to open a bedside drawer, and extracts a tube of lubricant. He squirts a generous dollop into his palm and smears that over the condom. I suspect I’m already slick enough, but he works some of it into my arse too. I’m close to pleading. I need him to get on with it. I need him in me.


Satisfied, it would seem, with his preparations, Graham positions his cock at the entrance to my arse. He pushes forward and my hole opens to accept him. The head slides in, aided on its way by the lubricant, though in truth I doubt I’d offer any serious resistance.

“Oh, Christ. God, God, God!” I lift my hips up, tilting my pelvis to offer a better angle.

Graham thrusts hard and drives the length of his cock into me. He leans forward to take his weight on his hands, planted on either side of my shoulders. He lowers himself slowly to kiss my mouth, a leisurely, tantalising caress of his lips over mine. He breaks the kiss. Tilting his head to gaze into my eyes, he gives me a lazy, sexy smile, then settles into a slow, even rhythm.

He drives several long strokes into me, my arse opening and shaping to claim him. I moan and squeeze my muscles around the solid length, loving every inch of him.

“You want more? You want harder?”

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I hope you enjoyed this snippet from Brit Boys : On Boys. Go on, treat yourself and your kindle to something scorching this summer.

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