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wipitup22[1]Welcome to my blog, and to another WIP It Up Wednesday where authors share excerpts from their works in progress. Please feel free to comment – we love feedback, and it’s great to know if we’re on the right track.
This week’s featured WIP is tentatively titled Burning Rubber. It’s a short story I’m writing for a collection due out around Christmas. Among other things the story features a Ducati Panigale superbike so I’ve had a good excuse for crawling all over sexy pictures of hot men on motor bikes.  I shared one of my favourites last week, but here’s another one to drool over.
Ducati_1299_Panigale_S_18.jpg mail_sender Paul Hudson mail_subject supplied images for Cars mail_date Mon, 26 Jan 2015 17:57:52 +0000 mail_body Hi there. Please create new folder called 31/1 Ducati Panigale and add all 14 of the attached images. Thanks, Paul -- Paul Hudson | Deputy Head of Cars telegraphmediagroup | 111 Buckingham Palace Road | London | SW1W 0DT 020 7931 2556 07876 397621 paul.hudson@telegraph.co.uk
I hope you like this little snippet of MM hotness.

“Can I help you with anything?” The man’s query was polite, friendly, not a hint of belligerence or challenge. He lifted one finely arched brow, tilting his chin ever so slightly.

Liam gulped and considered trying to rise, though he had no serious quarrel with continuing to grovel at this man’s feet. Apart from anything else, he had an uninterrupted view of an impressive erection, and was daring to hope it was in his honour.


“Are you all right, mate?” Again that amiable, soft tone, that pleasant smile.

“What? Oh, yes, yes, I’m fine. I was just, just…”

“Just checking out the goods?” The man had caught him staring at his cock, but seemed not to object. If anything he shifted to afford Liam a better view.

“What? Oh, no. Well… is this yours? The Ducati?”

“Yes. A real beauty isn’t it?” Liam detected the pride in the man’s tone. It was not misplaced. “I just took delivery last week.” He reached around Liam’s shoulder to caress the soft leather saddle, then treated him to a dazzling smile. “Fancy a ride?”

Shit, yes!

Liam stood, his jaw dropping. “On that? Really?”

“Well, the bike for now. I’m Jackson, by the way.”

Liam gaped. Never one to hang around himself, this hook up was fast even by his standards. Even so, he wasn’t complaining.

“Right, hello. I’m Liam.”

“Nice meeting you, Liam. Get on the back.” Jackson was pulling his helmet over his head and fastening the strap as Liam reached to retrieve his own head protection from the ground by his feet.

He barely had time to get the chinstrap secured before Jackson was gunning the Ducati to life. The sensual growl of the 1200cc super light racing engine seduced Liam’s ears, a symphony of aggressive horsepower and precision engineering. He vaulted onto the saddle behind Jackson and leaned back to grip the seat at the rear.

“Hang on,” called Jackson as the super bike purred away from the other several dozen bikes lined up at this popular bikers’ gathering spot.

Liam didn’t need telling twice. He tightened his grip but still managed to relax as Jackson reached the open road and opened up the throttle.

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