Indulge Me – Jaye Peaches is here, with a wine-tasting experience to set the senses tingling

I am delighted to be welcoming the fabulous Jaye Peaches back to my blog today to share a snippet from her latest release. She had me at the title – Indulge Me. Over to you, Jaye…
Hi Ashe, thank you for having me visit. I always enjoy reading your blog.

Thank you for coming over – and for bringing my favourite tipple with you. And did I mention how much I love this cover?

IM JP 400x600

I’m pretty sure you like a glass of wine  – er yes! – and tasting wine is what my two lead characters from Indulge Me enjoy doing most… well maybe there is something else they like better. Gideon has arranged for a wine tasting session in a castle’s cellar. Saffron is a little anxious as he gradually unveils his game. Tasting wine is a sensory voyage, and it lends itself nicely to unearthing other more erotic pleasures.


“Put your arms down. Actually, behind your back, like this.” He demonstrated, bending his elbows, holding his arms and spinning around so she could see. “Box them.”

Saffron copied. It felt awkward at first, it drew her shoulders back, and her spine rigid and upright. Her nipples stuck out—two startlingly prominent apexes. She’d always seen them as appendages to her breasts, uninviting to the beholder. Perhaps, no longer.

“Relax.” Gideon massaged her shoulders. “This is for your pleasure, too.”

The tips of his fingers soothed while his thumbs pressed into the knots of muscles. She stopped gripping her arms tightly and inhaled, allowing the tension to lift.

“Deeper. In through your nose, out through your mouth.”

She closed her eyes, inhaled a slow breath and released it, puffing out her lips in an exaggerated display of compliance.

“Keep your eyes shut, if you can.”

She didn’t know if she could. Her eyelids twitched, fighting the compulsion to open. She heard his shoes on the flagstones, then the clink of bottle against glass, followed by pouring liquid. He sniffed, making an appreciated noise. Did he plan on feeding her wine? Was the napkin there to catch her dribbles? She wasn’t a baby. She could drink with her eyes closed. She parted her lips, expectantly, hoping not to make a fool of herself. She certainly had a thirst, but not for wine.

Gideon had the art of patience, of deliberately slow, unhurried actions. She’d watched him taste for an hour and he’d worked at a steady pace, refusing to jump ahead when she’d waved a bottle in his face—try this! He’d taken it, put it to one side and nodded.

Once again he kept her waiting. She swayed, balancing on her low heels and stuck up her chin, seeking out the rim of the invisible glass.

She yelped and a wave of adrenaline pumped around her belly, raising her pulse instantly. Something cold and wet splashed across the top half of her left breast. Impulsively, she opened her eyes, shocked by the sensation.

Gideon, divested of his jacket and tie, held the tilted glass poised mid-pour over her bosom. “Shut!” he reprimanded.

The cool wine triggered a wave of shivers and she froze, unable to comply with his request. He leant forward and his tongue darted out. The red wine trickled down her breast. She saw goose bumps rise up as the liquid left a trail of pink on her pale flesh. As the wine reached her nipple, Gideon used the ticklish flick of his tongue to make contact before licking upwards to consume the aromatic juice.

“Delicious.” He peered up at her from under his short fringe. “Now, shut your eyes. I’m tasting and you are my human vessel.”

She gaped for a moment. Nobody, and she hadn’t been an angel in her younger years, had done anything like this to her. Had she fantasised about sex and oral games? Naturally—she’d had the daydreams about sucking a cock covered in champagne. But her, as the vessel!

“Do it for me,” he pleaded.

His seductive tone accosted her, pulling down her resistance and she closed her eyes.

Another cool splash on her other breast.

Saffron jumped backwards slightly and bumped into the table edge.

The full length of his tongue lapped from nipple to collarbone. “You two are perfect together—peppery, a dash of cherry, well balanced and a lingering length to hold in my mouth….”

His tasting commentary teased, leaving her enthralled and excited. Her pussy had perceivably drenched as he added each descriptive flavour until his voice trailed away leaving him to work his soft tongue without interruptions. A moist bloom of hot breath billowed over her as he licked and while he smothered her in kisses, he cupped her other breast with his palm and rolled the stiffened nipple between his fingers. With a tweak, he pinched and she held her breath, and jutted out her chest as if to invite him to continue. It was divine—sensual revelry. So simple an idea and enchantingly executed.

Oh wow! Such a seductive, evocative scene. I will never just glug a glass of red again… Here’s the back cover stuff for Indulge Me.

She sees him once.

He’s standing across the wine cellar watching her when their eyes meet. Miles away from home in California’s Napa Valley, she’s caught in his gaze. Though, neither one speaks, for a moment the rest of the world falls away, and she sends him a smile.

She sees him again.

Back home in England. Is it the same man? In the middle of a crowded wine fair, she spots him. A smile of recognition, but no words exchanged. She shakes it off, the same line of business, the same events, it’s a small world.

The third is no coincidence.

She’s running a private tasting and in walks her mystery man, dressed in a fine suit. What does she really know about him other than they share a love of wine? She’s intrigued, even more so when she discovers he has sought her out. When he invites her to a private session in a wine cellar, deep underneath a castle, she begins to uncover his secrets.

Saffron surrenders her body and embarks on an indulgent journey with the attractive sommelier, Gideon. As a wine taster, Saffron continually uses her senses to carve out a successful career, driving her to the peak of her profession. However, when Gideon leads her on an erotic adventure fueled by passion and self-discovery, she’s startled to learn that she’s been living her life ignorant of sensory pleasures that require other talents, ones she’d never explored with her previous, disastrous lover. That man, who envies her success, is waiting to strike back and destroy everything she has achieved.

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