#MySexySaturday – All About a Sexy First Impression

My Sexy Saturday Page Header #3A very warm welcome to my blog, and thank you for dropping in on Week 113 of My Sexy Saturday. This is the bloghop where erotic authors share seven scorching words, sentences or paragraphs to spread a little love at the weekend.
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Anyway, back to business. This week I’m sharing a bit more from First Impressions, my ultra-hot BDSM romance with a twist.
The theme for this week is All About Sexy, ideal for Aidan and George as they get to know each other. In this scene Aidan has walked into his kitchen to find George breastfeeding her baby. That’s not supposed to be sexy – or is it? Aidan certainly thinks it is.

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First Impressions, Ashe Barker

George smiled at him, a genuine expression this time which went beyond pleasant in Aidan’s view, definitely tending toward the breath-taking end of the scale. Dazzling even. He might have smiled back had he not been so stunned. She shifted the nursing infant in her arms. “Look, I shouldn’t be doing this here. I wouldn’t have, not usually. But the job took longer than I imagined it would, and Lily was hungry, so… Anyway, I’ll go feed her in the van.”

“No, that’s fine.”

“It isn’t fine. I’m embarrassing you. I know some people can be squeamish about breastfeeding, so I’ll just…”

Aidan could be described as a lot of things, but squeamish was not one of them. Especially not where anything to do with female anatomy was concerned, though coming across a woman breastfeeding in his kitchen was not something he’d had to contend with before. Still, a first time for everything. He dumped his briefcase on the table next to the discarded magazine and turned toward the sink. “Please, stay where you are. Finish off… well, just take your time. Would you like a coffee?” He paused, turned to her, “That is, if I have water?”

“You do, and it even runs hot now if you want that. White please, no sugar.”

“Alleluia. You fixed the problem then?” He reached for his jar of instant and tried not to watch as she disengaged the child from her right nipple and transferred the hungry little mouth to her left. It was difficult though, and he was more than a little fascinated. There was something gloriously earthy and wholesome about the sight of this diminutive little plumber, the bib of her work dungarees flopping around her waist and her shirt open, the baby suckling contentedly. His growing erection was disconcerting though and he took care to remain with his back to her as he prepared them both a drink. Nursing mothers were not supposed to be sexy. Were they?

Here’s the blurb:
First Impressions can be deceptive.

Aidan Blake needs a plumber. Fast. His boiler is dead, his creaky old house crumbling around him. When his elderly neighbour recommends a local trader, George Mahon, Aidan jumps at the prospect of hot water and warm radiators.

But George, short for Georgina, is not exactly what he had in mind. He was expecting something else entirely. A man for one thing, not the gorgeous single mother he finds in his house at the end of a long day of work.

Aidan turns out to be full of surprises too. Who would have imagined the smartly dressed businessman would have a BDSM playroom in his attic and a collection of whips and canes that makes George’s head spin. And her bottom clench, though that’s another matter entirely. What does a girl have to do to get to play with those toys?

Just ask, it would seem. As they enter into a professional and personal agreement which soon blossoms into a sultry, kinky relationship, George continues to be surprised by Aidan’s kindness and generosity, not to mention his skill with a spanking paddle.
First impressions aside, the two begin to build something together. And while they peel back the layers to discover their hidden depths, the old house yields up the mysteries of its own secret past. They soon realise that at first glance, nothing is ever quite as it seems.

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