#MySexySaturday – Her Noble Lords, and their very sexy gaze

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A very warm welcome to my blog, and thank you for dropping in on Week 118 of My Sexy Saturday. This is the bloghop where erotic authors share seven scorching words, sentences or paragraphs to spread a little love at the weekend.
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The intriguing theme for this week is Their Sexy Gaze and I’m sharing from Her Noble Lords, my medieval menage story which came out last weekend. In these seven (or so) paragraphs the dutiful Linnet has obeyed her lords by removing her clothing, and now her twin lovers are finding much to enjoy in the view…

“Look at me, Linnet, when I am instructing you. And obey.” His gaze is hard, determined; he expects me to do his bidding or accept the consequences. There is nothing of Ralf’s boyish good humour in these stern features. How can anyone possibly mistake one man for the other?

“Yes, sir,” I whisper.

He releases my chin and steps back to allow me the space I need to undress. Neither man assists me but soon the amber satin is lying in a pool at my feet.

“The chemise, too.” This time it is Ralf who issues the command. I nod and pull it over my head then stand still, my arms at my sides as they both peruse my nude body.

“She is quite lovely, is she not?” enquires Ralf, his tone casual.

“Indeed so,” his brother agrees.

“Her eyes are dazzling, her mouth sheer perfection,” Ralf chooses to elaborate.

“Brother, I am sure you are correct, though I am not looking at her face at this precise moment.”

Ralf is undeterred. “Her mouth will look yet more beautiful with your cock in it, I daresay.”

“Ah, of course. How generous of you to point that out.”

Here’s the blurb:

After eighteen-year-old Linnet Routh is kidnapped from her home in Wellesworth castle by Ralf, the powerful, handsome Earl of Egremont, and his identical twin brother Piers, it quickly becomes clear to her that the seasoned warriors have mistaken her for someone else. Convinced that she is Lady Eleanor, a noblewoman who was promised in marriage to Ralf yet has refused to wed him, the brothers bring Linnet to a church with plans to compel her to speak her vows.

Linnet attempts to steal a horse from Piers and make her escape, but when she is caught her efforts end up earning her a thorough, humiliating bare-bottom spanking. Though terribly embarrassed by the manner of her chastisement, she cannot help becoming helplessly—and shamefully—aroused by the punishment.

When the brothers recognize the truth of Linnet’s claims at last, she expects to be cast aside as a mere commoner. To her surprise, however, they instead offer to make her their shared bride, and despite her misgivings about the idea Linnet agrees to the union. As they each take their turn to claim her, the pleasure of their dominant lovemaking leaves her yearning to be taken long and hard by both of them at once, and soon a passionate romance has grown between Linnet and her noble lords. But when tragedy strikes will it bring a permanent end to their newfound happiness?

Publisher’s Note: Her Noble Lords is an erotic romance novel that includes spankings, sexual scenes including threesomes, anal play, elements of BDSM, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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