Please welcome Lee Savino, and another seriously sexy Rocky Mountain cowboy

I’m delighted to be welcoming Lee Savino back to my blog today, with another scorching hero from her Rocky Mountain Brides series. I adore this set of mouth-watering stories, each one hot enough to set your kindle alight. I’m loving these gorgeous covers too – such a breath-taking landscape.

This time Lee’s brought Lyle to visit, her rugged, sexy cowboy from Rocky Mountain Rose.

Over to you, Lee…


Hi Ashe, and thank you for inviting me back again to share a snippet from the latest book in my Rocky Mountain Brides series. To get us started, here’s the blurb for Rocky Mountain Rose

Ever since she was a young girl, Rose longed for a handsome prince to come and rescue her from her life as a saloon girl. By the time Lyle Wilder shows up, Rose has grown into a breathtaking but jaded beauty who’s vowed never to fall in love. When an evil man sets his designs on Rose, it’s up to Lyle to rescue her. He saves her life, and carries her, kicking and screaming, to safety. Despite her fiery temper, he vows to protect her, even if it means disciplining her to keep her by his side and spanking her bottom when she breaks the rules he’s set to keep her alive.
Will Rose let her heart thaw enough to trust him? And can Lyle convince this wild rose that he’s the hero she’s been waiting for all along?
Set in the 1860s Wild West, the Rocky Mountain Bride Series follows the lives of mail order brides and the strong frontier men who take them in hand. Rocky Mountain Rose is mostly stand alone and contains domestic discipline sessions including otk spankings administered with hand and other implements, including a slipper and a strop.

And here’s an excerpt to whet your appetite. Lyle is making his point in the usual way – and at last the message seems to be sinking in...

“I love your spirit, Rose, but you will curb your tongue, or you won’t sit comfortably until Christmas.”

She squirmed, but he easily held her in place as he stooped to reach something. Then Rose felt her bottom being smacked with something harder.

Looking back she saw he was spanking her with her own slipper. Shuffled her feet trying to escape again, but he held her firmly.

“You will listen to me,” Lyle punctuated his words with slaps of the leather shoe. “You will heed what I say.”

Her bottom throbbed in time to his words, and Rose took great gulps of air, trying to control her sobs. The slipper’s hard surface sent the sting deeper into her burning flesh. She felt herself losing her grip on anger. Worse, everywhere he slapped caught fire, first blazing with pain, and sinking deeper and transforming into aching arousal, until her cunny dripped. Every smack seemed to cause her lady parts to throb. She started to press her legs closed, but Lyle tapped the inside of her thighs, forcing her legs open again. To her great humiliation, the slipper came down right in the center of her legs, closer to her cunny than her sits spots. Rose cried out, not in pain, but horror as the sensation radiated through her, too close to pleasure for her liking. Her struggles increased, but Lyle only gripped her tighter and sent the slipper crashing down with more force, until she feared she might climax from the steady stimulation.

She couldn’t escape; she would have to give in.

With a moan, she let her head drop to signal surrender. “I’m sorry, she said behind her gag,

“What’s that?” Lyle paused, and pulled the cloth from her mouth.

“I’m sorry.” She repeated. Tears burned her eyes, but she would not let them fall.  “I will not do it again.“

“Promise me.” Lyle drew her up and sat her on his lap. She winced as her aching bottom made contact with his iron thighs, then realized this was also part of her punishment.

Faced with those fierce blue eyes, Rose searched for the anger she usual held up as a shield. But it was gone, melted away like snow in spring.

“I promise,” she said, slumping a little against him.

Immediately, his arms went around her, and she felt his lips brush her temple. “You do, and there will be a worse punishment for you. I did not come all this way to find you, only to lose you again.”

I hope Rose doesn’t go back to her old ways, but who knows? There’s only one way to find out. You can grab a copy now from  Amazon US  Amazon UK

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