#SedStuds – Brit Boys : With Toys

Nwq_SeductiveStuds (1)Welcome to my blog, and to the Seductive Studs blog hop. I wanted to hop on over this weekend to share a snippet from Hard Riders, my story in Brit Boys : With Toys –  a sizzling MM boxed set due out on 22 December.

britboyswithtoys_largeHere’s the snippet…

Liam continued to suck on Jackson’s cock and Jackson wondered if he’d somehow managed to collapse and die on the way home. Maybe this was heaven. That thought crystallised as Liam returned his hands to Jackson’s arse, this time kneading the naked flesh there. He parted his buttocks and trailed his fingers down the crack until he found the puckered hole, waiting for him. Jackson had some vague recollection of having told Liam he was usually the top in any sexual encounter, but even if he remembered the conversation, that knowledge did not prevent Liam from inserting two fingers deep into his anus.

Jackson let out a long, low moan as Liam massaged his prostate. He was about to come, and hard.

“Shit! Liam, I…. Oh, Jesus!” His balls tightened, then he ejected a thick stream of viscous cum.



You can pre-order the boxed set now for just 99c/99p which is a cracking deal – you can’t get a Starbucks latte for that! Be sure to pre-order now, as the price will increase after release day.



Here’s what to expect from Brit Boys : With Toys

From coast to coast and city to country Brit boys enjoy playing with each other and their toys. Not any old toys, though; guitars, rope, plugs and Moleskine journals all prove to be enormous fun. Throw in a shop that’s wall to wall with kinky ideas, a journalist on the lookout for the next big thing, and Dominants who insist on obedience and there’s sure to be something to cater for everyone’s taste.

Whether it’s a quickie or a slow indulgence, Brit boys know how to hit the spot and they aim to please every time. So take a ride, fly high, come enjoy these sexy boys and their toys.

Brit Boys: With Toys is an anthology of seven M/M stories written by British authors, featuring British characters in British locations.

And finally, don’t forget to drop in on the rest of the Seductive Studs authors sharing excerpts today. To find the list click here

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