#ScintillatingSunday – a spanking from Her Noble Lords

Scintillating SundayWelcome to my blog, and to Scintillating Sunday, brought to us each week by the Mile High Muses. This weekend I thought I’d share a snippet from my recent release, Her Noble Lords. It’s a medieval erotic menage, with a bit of a twist in the HEA.


Here’s what to expect from the story:

After eighteen-year-old Linnet Routh is kidnapped from her home in Wellesworth castle by Ralf, the powerful, handsome Earl of Egremont, and his identical twin brother Piers, it quickly becomes clear to her that the seasoned warriors have mistaken her for someone else. Convinced that she is Lady Eleanor, a noblewoman who was promised in marriage to Ralf yet has refused to wed him, the brothers bring Linnet to a church with plans to compel her to speak her vows.

Linnet attempts to steal a horse from Piers and make her escape, but when she is caught her efforts end up earning her a thorough, humiliating bare-bottom spanking. Though terribly embarrassed by the manner of her chastisement, she cannot help becoming helplessly—and shamefully—aroused by the punishment.

When the brothers recognize the truth of Linnet’s claims at last, she expects to be cast aside as a mere commoner. To her surprise, however, they instead offer to make her their shared bride, and despite her misgivings about the idea Linnet agrees to the union. As they each take their turn to claim her, the pleasure of their dominant lovemaking leaves her yearning to be taken long and hard by both of them at once, and soon a passionate romance has grown between Linnet and her noble lords. But when tragedy strikes will it bring a permanent end to their newfound happiness?

Publisher’s Note: Her Noble Lords is an erotic romance novel that includes spankings, sexual scenes including threesomes, anal play, elements of BDSM, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

Right, on with the business. The aim of this blog hop is to scintillate, and I thought these eight paragraphs might just manage to do that.

Piers turns and seats himself on a fallen tree trunk, his long legs stretched out before him. He hauls me down from his shoulder and unceremoniously dumps me across his lap. I kick, only to have him lay one leg over both of mine to hold me still. I attempt to reach back, to claw at him, all the while screeching my protests at the indignity he is subjecting me to. Piers takes both my wrists in one of his hands and secures them in the small of my back. “Be still, my lady. The more you struggle and fight me, the more this will hurt.”

“Let me go, you vicious bully. You have no right. Only my husband—”

“My brother may well have his own issues to settle with you. This is for my horse.”

“I didn’t steal it. I was only—”

“Did you have my permission to take Julius?” His tone is hard, implacable. Worse, he has seized the hem of my gown and is drawing the fabric up my legs. Surely he cannot mean to bare my bottom for this! He can and does. The cool whisper of a light breeze flutters over my naked buttocks as he bundles the fabric of my clothing up over my hands, still held firm at my back.

“How dare you, my lord! This is outrageous, my husband will—Aagh!”

My tirade is cut off by the hard slap across my left buttock. Stunned, I lie where he has put me, my head down, my unbound hair brushing the ground. I am silent, unable to quite comprehend what is happening to me. My silence is shattered by the next spank, even harder, in the centre of my right cheek. I scream and buck as I try to get free. My desperate struggles come to naught as he tightens his grip, pulling me hard up against his body. I am yet more mortified by the insistent and unmistakable nudge of his erection against my hip, occasioned I don’t doubt by his perfect view of my bared bottom.

And more. In this most unladylike pose he has but to lean to his left in order to see a great deal more of me. Humiliated beyond measure, I fight my mounting panic, press my legs together, and will myself to remain still, to endure. I can do no other, for he has completely overpowered me.

Meme 5

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