Review: Darker

Loving this review of Darker by Devi Ansevi

Crush Blush

If you haven’t already, you should dash over to my review of Darkening, the first book in Ashe Barker’s trilogy. Go ahead, I’ll wait. Clicking the link opens a new window, so you won’t lose your place here.

Finished? Wonderful, welcome back!

Now, let’s talk about Darker, the second book in the trilogy.  Holy freaking balls of painful ass-whipping fire, Batman. I loved it.

Shall we deconstruct the why with my favorite form of how-do-I-love-thee? Yes, lets.

Get ready to turn on the air con. Ms. Barker ratcheted up the heat factor in Darker. We’ve got caning, spanking, bondage, sex toys, masturbation, blow jobs, bondage, anal play, bondage, and anal sex.  Oh, and did I mention bondage? Even with Nathan’s version of “just gentle sex,” there’s bondage. And *this*reader couldn’t get enough.

The first book ended on a cliff hanger. If you haven’t read it…

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