A Richness of Swallows trilogy


An act of random kindness can set off an intriguing chain of events. Summer Jones‘ offer to help a vulnerable teenager lays the foundations for a friendship which will put her on a collision course with the one man she most fears and had hoped never to encounter again.

In just one night Daniel Riche introduced her to a brand of pain which left her yearning for more, if she could but overcome the legacy of fear from her chaotic childhood.

A Richness of Swallows charts the turbulent relationship of Summer and Dan, from their explosive first encounter in Cumbria to the wild moors of West Yorkshire.

Can Dan win Summer’s trust, and accept her as she is, or will the shadows of her past haunt her forever?

Rich Tapestry is the first book in the series

richtapestry_800 Summer Jones likes things to be tidy. Predictable, well-ordered, meticulous, she likes to be in control. So when she finds herself waiting for a friend in a BDSM club, she is horrified when an attractive Dom offers to show her around. She agrees, but there’s a catch. Her sassy mouth has earned her a punishment at his hands. She has to accept his terms, or spend the evening alone. Despite her apprehension, Summer can’t deny her curiosity about this lifestyle, the pleasures it seems to offer.

But will one night with accomplished Dom Daniel Riche fulfil her dreams, or will it just prove to her what she always suspected, that anything so intense is best avoided?

 Scared, confused, and utterly horrified at her response to Daniel’s touch and his dark brand of pleasure, Summer still finds herself yearning for more. Why, despite her pleas and his obvious appreciation of her body, is he peculiarly reluctant to deliver all that she demands from him?

Hurt and confused Summer is desperate to escape. But can she leave her memories of Daniel behind? Does she really want to?


Book two, Rich Pickings

richpickings_800Dan Riche is the one man she hoped never to encounter again, so when she runs into him unexpectedly at a wedding Summer Jones can’t be held responsible for her actions. Except, Dan thinks differently. He intends to punish her for landing out at him in her frustration, and much to her surprise Summer intends to let him.

Reunited with her closest friend Freya, and finding new friends and fabulous opportunities at Black Combe, Summer is soon caught up in a passionate relationship with Dan as he reintroduces her to his powerful brand of kink. He effortlessly awakens all her submissive instincts and Summer’s resistance crumbles along with her doubts. But even as she responds to Dan, can she leave the shadows of her past behind?

Dan confuses her. He scares her. He makes her do things she never dreamed possible, and she loves all of it. But Summer prefers her life to be tidy, doesn’t she? Where does a turbulent relationship with a fascinating, unpredictable Dom fit in to her ordered existence? He punishes her, hurts her, controls her pleasure, demands her obedience.

Summer always needed to be in control. Now she’s naked, on her knees at his feet. Dan demands her submission. Can she relinquish her fragile hold on her security and trust him instead?


Book three, Rich Promise

richpromise_800Happy, secure, contented with her new life in the rugged West Yorkshire moorland, Summer has everything she could wish for. A Dominant lover she adores and who treasures her, a wonderful job, a new home, friends. She’s respected, liked. Loved. And above all, she’s safe.

Desperate to share her hard-won security with her younger sisters Summer starts to lay plans to bring them to Yorkshire to live with her. But this will take time, and require careful negotiation. Above all she can’t risk destroying everything by letting anyone learn of her sordid past. Least of all Dan.

But suddenly matters are taken out of her hands. Time has run out and she needs to act, and to act now if she is to offer her sisters the safe haven they need. Desperate still to keep her secrets she has no choice but to deceive Dan whilst making arrangements to bring her sisters to Yorkshire.

But how will she accomplish this without the knowledge of her friends, her new employer, and the angry, stern Dom bent on delivering discipline and retribution?


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