#MySexySaturday – “I have a family. Tom’s just handed me a family.”

MSS_button 250x250Welcome to another weekend of My Sexy Saturday. Being a Brit, we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving in any major way over here, but we do appreciate the sentiment of family. We’re saving the turkey till Christmas though.

The theme for My Sexy Thanksgiving Saturday this week is all about families, and I couldn’t resist dipping into this scene from Sure Thing, book 2 in my Sure Mastery series.  Just to provide a little background, it’s Ashley’s birthday and Tom has some presents for her. He’s already given her two kittens to help make up for the loss of her cat a few days earlier, but now he’s going one better. Ashley’s mother died a few months previously, and as she was an only child and has never met her father she believes she has no family left.

surething_exlarge“Well, while we’re on this emotional roller coaster ride, maybe now’s as good a time as any to hit you with our final present.” Tom stands, steps away to his wax jacket hanging on the back of the kitchen door. He pulls out his phone and taps a few buttons before looking back at me. “You ready for this last gift, love? I hope you like this one too. It’s from me and Nathan. A bit unconventional, but seems appropriate for today. I couldn’t work out a way of gift-wrapping it, though.”

Bemused, I stare back at him. “What is it? What do you mean?”

By way of answer he hands me his phone. I glance at the small screen and see it’s an email, dated yesterday, 31st December 2012. Puzzled, I start to scroll down. It’s a message to Nathan, from abroad, which Nathan has forwarded to Tom. The name of the original sender means nothing to me—Abi Karramin, Avukat. I recognise the name of the place he’s apparently sent the message from, Ankara, the capital city of Turkey. But what can it have to do with me? I look back at Tom, completely at a loss.

“What is it? I don’t understand.”

He takes the phone back from me, scrolls down a bit further. “This, sweetheart, is the address, email and mobile phone number for one Bajram Balci, hotelier and entrepreneur currently living in Manavgat, a small town in the Antalya region in south-west Turkey. Age forty-four, a widower with two daughters aged nineteen and fifteen. Sound like someone you might like to get to know?”

Nothing, nothing could have ever prepared me for this. Beyond words, I take the phone back and stare at the tiny writing on the screen. My father. My father—a real, living, breathing man. A man with a phone number, email and an address. And daughters. My sisters. A family. I have a family. Tom’s just handed me a family.

Speechless, at first I can only stare at the screen, then back at Tom, at Nathan, at all of them as they watch me. At last I find some words. Not especially erudite, but words nonetheless. “But, how did you…? I don’t understand. How did you find him?”

He’s full of surprises, our Tom. I hope you enjoyed this snippet. Here’s the series blurb…

The Sure Mastery trilogy charts the sensual and emotional journey of petty thief turned photographer Ashley McAllister as she struggles to overcome personal tragedy, loss and grief to rebuild her life in the wild beauty of the West Yorkshire moorland.

Resilient and determined, independent and courageous, Ashley has no qualms about cutting her old ties and starting again. Intent on establishing her landscape photography business, she is horrified when her turbulent past comes crashing back to haunt her, threatening to overwhelm and destroy her fragile new beginning.

Ashley needs Tom to guard her secrets and allow her to stay. He just wants her. He wants her submission, her surrender, but he’s already destroyed her trust in him. Will his seductive charm and sure mastery be enough to rebuild her fragile faith? Can he teach her the difference between the violent abuse she’s experienced in the past and his much more exquisite approach to pain? And where does pain end and pleasure begin?

Tom guides her into his world of pleasure, desire, trust and reward. His gifts to her are beyond price, the rewards of submission. But will it be enough, and can the shadows of her dangerous and violent past be left behind them?

Series banner

If you want to read more you can grab the Sure Mastery series in all the usual places – Amazon.co.uk  Amazon.com  Totally Bound  Barnes and Noble  All Romance 

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